Thursday, February 28, 2008

The smiling gardener, Mine Bouille Gros pois, and Microsoft gets fined!!!

Hi all

Well this is something that i want to share with you people, there is a guy i know, he should be in his late 60's and has worked in the Highlands Sugar Estate for a about 35 years and is now 'retired' though he does little side jobs like gardening and stuff.

This is someone who is happy doing his job... first he is always early to start working, ever smiling and second, he is always in a good mood even after hours of labouring in the scorching sun... we all aim at becoming successful in life, how many of you work for happiness- we work hard till we are 60 - retire and then die some years later. All we have done is surviving - not living.

We were having an interesting discussion today about Pension Funds and stuff. By the time I retire, i belive that i would be needing no less Rs 50,000 as monthly pension to be able to live decently- bearing in mind the decreasing purchasing power, inflation, and economic blablabla!!! Implying that i would have to invest a lot of money now in a pension fund. Then when i am 6o (if i reach that far) i will get a monthly pension. Hopefully, i will enjoy it for a while - but what if i die 59 or 61- would that be worth? Ok let's be unrealistic by being pessimistic!!! Or as someone said, prepare for the worst and hope for the best!!

I believe that we have to enjoy every single day and be happy in what we are doing - Always do stuff you enjoy. This is something i tell the students very often - they usually enrol on a course and then realise that it is not what they like , and they struggle for three years to get that degree and then they will spend their career doing something they derive no pleasure in doing. Most parents want their kids to go to Uni, get a degree and get a white collar job - but is that all??? What about the satisfaction-some jobs simply require customisation of software, others documentation , testing.... but do these really satisfy a young graduate? Well thats very subjective.

Is working in an office a great job- well not necessarily. You might always have people pressuring you, you get stressed.... you are unhappy... and you might die early, without getting that pension. ;-)

Did you study so much to be unhappy in your job? Well this is the sad reality for many! Tight deadlines, delayed releases, faulty software, programs returned coz they are faulty, and on top of that, the Team Lead/ Manager asking you to perform at 150 %. We know what its like, we've been there, and done that?

Compare that you you doing a job u like - passion will drive to to perform at 200%, and you will take everything as play, the deadline will be the end of play-time- Don't forget ; A man who does something he likes never works. Like me! :-)

Would you still be able to have a genuine smile on your face after 8 hours of coding if you do not like programming- i doubt. If you can actually do that, then would that smile be genuine or an attempt to look happy! (Being Happy and looking happy are two separate things)
Should that be a fake smile- who are you fooling! You can answer that!
Always do things you like, this applies to University as well.

Had a lovely time today and the day went by quickly! I had an interesting time with Management with IS guys during and after the lecture and i hope they understood what was explained. I also managed to solve that recurrence relation and i am quite happy about that... my brain is still functioning. I spent a lot of time debugging a ' linked list addlistorder function' in the lab when in fact the wrong function was being called... be careful people!!! I will start charging for helping you debug!!! Miss 'I dreamt about Programming' went to Grand-Bassin today, and I bet she asked Lord Shiva to help her out in Programming!!! Anyways a chacun ses trucs!

Some people - instead of saying 'give me a phone call to remind me' are saying 'give me a function call to remind me'- Programming is getting up their head - that a good sign - they will either get better at it or go nuts about it!!!

By the way had Mine Bouillie Gros pois today - here is a picture - isn't that appealing?

The mean was not enough to change my mood - I am still really annoyed with that Vista-XP networking thing - Windows Sucks!

Mais voila le recomfort: News of the day:

1. EU fines Microsoft record $1.4bn
2. EU Knocks Microsoft Out with a New € 900 Million Fine

People from Microsoft will not say 'They are fine, cos they have been fined!!!'

Bien bon pou zotte!! Zouer monopoly encore apres alle paye fine!! Help me out with XP-Vista networking, and i will give you 1€ - 'Every little helps!!!' you may say its not much: Bear in mind - I come from a developing world country though politicians call it otherwise - and we have no subsidies when we buy WINDOWS OS -costs of which are high!

Haha! Pay the bill Bill !!!

I am fine and Ms is fined!

Bien bon pou zot !


Chaya said...

Haha Sir Gavin,
Being philosophic, that's new about you;)
Did you really have a nice time with MIS people?
I guess not:P

G@V!N said...

Well... its new to you!!! People do not use their mind too much these days...instead they use their brains... To be very honest i enjoy working with all of you. I just hope that such a feeling is shared by you lot too, and that gradually you are getting the essence of programming - i.e you are being slightly more passionate about it (I said i HOPE)!!!

Anonymous said...

"Some people - instead of saying 'give me a phone call to remind me' are saying 'give me a function call to remind me'- Programming is getting up their head - that a good sign - they will either get better at it or go nuts about it!!!"
HAHAHA!!!I think it's the second one!:D