Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Moi mo lev paker mo rester!!! Episode 2

Hi all,

Most of you are aware that the elections are to be held on the 5th of May and you have heard the different composition of the different parties.
On one side we have (PTR,MSM and PMSD) and on the other we have (MMM, UN and MMSD).

Funny thing is that each of them is presenting the other as being 'un danger pour l'harmonie nationale et la paix sociale'.

Qui dit vrai?

What cracks me up is the fact that as soon as a party's negotiation with another fails, automatically the former starts criticising the latter. Another funny thing is that we have seen Episode to of the saga (...or should i say Sega) 'Moi le lev mo paker mo rester' from one minister who was once said to have a 'La Queue Chatte on his head' by a deputy, it started when he was denied the guarantee of being the next Finance Minister if ever the French alliance were in government.

On Sunday Mr X criticised Mr Y of being ungrateful and stealing his credit for the economic achievement. Then Mr X, accepted a 'ticket' to present himself as a candidate in a constituency. In my opinion this shows a lack of dignity.

To add to the saga or sega, this new episode should be called: .Moi mo lev paker mo rester ek mo ramasse mo la queue chatte.... What gets me on my nerves is that none of the parties involved had taken care to inform the population of their programme and what tehy intend to do. And yet you have stupid followers who have already started licking the boots of the candidates.

What we need in out so called democracy is the end of a regime whereby people vote for Mr M because he belongs to the same community or because his father was a good politician. Vote for parties because of programme. Vote for competent people, not the parties they belong to. WE have seen several examples of deputies hardly ever asking question, sleeping and reading magazine in the parliament. Is that what our taxes pay them for.

Dear readers, the chance is yours to show to these politicians that you need people who have your interest at heart and not their own. Vote judiciously for someone who create the best opportunities for you and your family. Pas vote deputEs ki pou fer ou vine marionette.

When you are ill and you need to choose a doctor, does it matter what is the religious faith of the doctor or what party he might belong to? Of course not. So why should it be different when you choose someone who will impact on your future and that of your children?

If you vote for someone and he screws up, YOU complain, however YOU are to blame, and if YOU do not vote, YOU do not even have the right to complain.

Vote judiciously and vote for people and not parties.

Ena Parti capave mette ou dans la clE ek ena lezotte capave casse ou leker....alors fer attention. lol.

Make it a point that whatever party wins, you should not be the one losing opportunities.