Monday, December 29, 2008

I'm back after more than 100 days!!!

Hi all,
I know!!! Its been a while!!! I have been busy with loads of stuff mainly work!! I did go through a nice little training session on Linux!!! Hurray!!! IT was in french - it was tough at the start, but we managed to get through it (alive). lol.... It was very interesting. The trainers were Niry Andriambelo from Madagascar and Shafeek Sumser who is from Mauritius itself!

It was so interesting and i have learnt a lot of stuff! Last week i went to Port-Louis and it was so irritating to see all those hawkers who were blocking the pavement and many people literally had to walk on the streets. someone will get run-over one day and then only will the government react. There have been places specially designed for them and yet this irresponsible folks still block the pavements. They claim that the spaces designed for them is far from the town center: They are operating illegally and yet they are choosy! This reminds me of the saying beggars can't be choosers. They sell cheap and poor quality stuff without any sort of guarantee and they do not even pay their taxes properly.

C'est un laisser-aller d├ęgoutant de la part des authorit├ęs.

One other thing which got me on my nerves was the abuse that one minister does in particular, Well many of you might not remember the days when our honorable deputy prime minister came and cried on TV during the prime time (your know the 30-minute news whereby the goverment gets 20 minutes) when he swapped parties just to be in the government this guy always seems to be in a hurry to go somewhere. His 'motards' just cut straight across your way to stop you and allow his car through, i tend to think that he is always in a kind of emergency, like he's got chronic diahhroea or something...if thats is the case i would request the manufacturers of Mercedes to install a toilet seat in his next car. He has to bear one thing in mind, people need to get to work in time in this country, if he is not competent enough to plan his own itinerary, then he is definitely not good enough to take part in decision-making for our country. I will let you guess who that old guy is! Ok we will just call his Dr Honorable Chronic Diahhroea. In the next BR 22, i hope we have toilet seats installed! It is just disgusting to witness those double standards, the speed limit on the motorway is 90 km per hour and the driver of BR 22 easily goes over 120, and yet you have policemen who ride in front of him, who go even faster... Un abus de position revoltant.

Roule brite mort vite...i wish you this irresponsible driver!!!

I wish you all a very prosperous year 2009 and loads of happiness to you all and your families.