Thursday, August 21, 2008

Python going strong!

Hi all,
I have been very busy these days with preparing lecture notes and running around jumping from one lab to another and from one lecture room to another! As far as the Python lectures are concerned, I am enjoying every single bit of it...who could dream of being paid to have fun!

Anyways, i just hope i am able to kick in some programming logic in the students' heads!Most of us are thrilled by the performance of the Mauritian Magician, Bruno Julie, its just nice for a little country like ours to have a sportsman on the podium!

Unfortunately enough, there is that issue with Bert Cunningham, looks like some people are not to happy when cases of suspected corruption are brought in the limelight. How can a democratically elected PM say that a commission of enquiry will not prove beneficial to the nation nor to the institutions of the country. Using lame excuses like waste of money and the fact that there is already a body (ICAC) which deals with such things.

Perhaps our PM needs memory supplements (Or may be he is busy with those ministers 'ki p lev paquet rester?'), some of the cases brought forward by Mr Cunningham date as far back as year 2000, and our stupid system (reflecting the people who designed them) stipulates that the Independent Commission Against Corruption cannot enquire about cases prior to its creation (yet its called independent). Consequently those who claim they 'pas guette figure pou agir' have their hands tied. Had a commission of enquire been set up may be they would have been able to shed some light on those allegations irrespective of when these suspected frauds occurred.

In my opinion, there are some big shots who might be involved. What image does mauritius project in the region? A country where a man who is doing his job is getting treated like a criminal and whose competencies are not being recognised. Worse still, looks like some people at the MRA are scared to. The compensation meant to be given to Mr Cunningham amounted to Rs 6 million, yet this got reduced to about Rs 1 million because apparently he violated the conditions laid down during the negotiations. So did the conditions prevent him from pointing fingers to those he thought as being corrupt.

He also said that he submitted all the documents to the necessary institions for investigations and the said documents got lost....maintenant la question qui brule mes levres est: A qui profite cela???? definitely not to the honest tax payer.

Amazing! Documents incriminating some people tend to get lost so easily nowadays! Or people suspected of fraud always tend to get sick just before their hearings start! Wonder how our good folks who were named in the enquiry for frauds at MCB/NPF or Maurtius are doing these days,i hope much better since the cases against them have been dropped.

Sa meme appele l'ile paradisiaque sa!

Paradis Fraudeurs ek Triangeurs!

Bon Courage Mr Cunningham,

Allez Bruno, met li K.O! lol...:)

What do you think?

Monday, August 11, 2008

My first Python Lecture

Hi all,
Today I delivered my first Lecture in Programming Methodology, i talked about computer systems, compilers, interpreter, and Programming Methodology.

While preparing my slides, i wanted to include some nice graphics and pictures so that it become slightly less predictable. For the first time, i used Open-Office to prepare lecture notes.It took me some time to work round the interface, but it was worth. I also saved a Powerpoint compatible copy just in case Open-Office was not installed on the PC i might be using.....this happened to be a very wise decision. Unfortunately, with the Powerpoint compatible format, the presentation had lost some of its 'bling-bling'. Text-boxes and Picture-frames were translated and ... The RGB projector had to be re-initialised as it was displaying upside down. Luckily a friend helped me out.

After that, i managed to start my lecture, nice little intro, little side notes about computers, scientists, mathematicians and i even managed to get a picture from the movie "Lost in translation" to explain conversion of High-Level to machine-level language.

The last part of my lecture was about the Butterfly Effect and Chaotic Systems, what a marvelous side note: Edward Lorenz, I believe that the Students need not learn things by heart, or just for the sake of knowing stuff, knowing about the persons behind the discoveries might help too. Another reference was made to Algebra and Musa Al Khwarism...

Then later on during the day, i had a lab session during which i managed to get them to use Linx and Dr Python, some other students used Kate+Konsole, but it was ok on the whole. Some students are very good, which i find encouraging. Though i had a couple of issues with some slight differences in syntax, i managed to get all the programs working.

Then got back home and watched TV, then there was a very very very short Powercut, when they released the power, i.e about 1 second later (seriously, it was wickedly quick), the TV, the DVB receiver, along with the Microwave oven got damaged and they are not switching on now!.I called 130 (CEB Hotline), and i am meant to call at the nearest CEB office to tell them about it....which i will not fail to do!!! Whose gonna pay for my 29" TV....definitely them!!! They have to learn the lesson about those shitty powercuts at random times.

So boring aint it, home without TV during the Olympic games!!!