Thursday, August 21, 2008

Python going strong!

Hi all,
I have been very busy these days with preparing lecture notes and running around jumping from one lab to another and from one lecture room to another! As far as the Python lectures are concerned, I am enjoying every single bit of it...who could dream of being paid to have fun!

Anyways, i just hope i am able to kick in some programming logic in the students' heads!Most of us are thrilled by the performance of the Mauritian Magician, Bruno Julie, its just nice for a little country like ours to have a sportsman on the podium!

Unfortunately enough, there is that issue with Bert Cunningham, looks like some people are not to happy when cases of suspected corruption are brought in the limelight. How can a democratically elected PM say that a commission of enquiry will not prove beneficial to the nation nor to the institutions of the country. Using lame excuses like waste of money and the fact that there is already a body (ICAC) which deals with such things.

Perhaps our PM needs memory supplements (Or may be he is busy with those ministers 'ki p lev paquet rester?'), some of the cases brought forward by Mr Cunningham date as far back as year 2000, and our stupid system (reflecting the people who designed them) stipulates that the Independent Commission Against Corruption cannot enquire about cases prior to its creation (yet its called independent). Consequently those who claim they 'pas guette figure pou agir' have their hands tied. Had a commission of enquire been set up may be they would have been able to shed some light on those allegations irrespective of when these suspected frauds occurred.

In my opinion, there are some big shots who might be involved. What image does mauritius project in the region? A country where a man who is doing his job is getting treated like a criminal and whose competencies are not being recognised. Worse still, looks like some people at the MRA are scared to. The compensation meant to be given to Mr Cunningham amounted to Rs 6 million, yet this got reduced to about Rs 1 million because apparently he violated the conditions laid down during the negotiations. So did the conditions prevent him from pointing fingers to those he thought as being corrupt.

He also said that he submitted all the documents to the necessary institions for investigations and the said documents got lost....maintenant la question qui brule mes levres est: A qui profite cela???? definitely not to the honest tax payer.

Amazing! Documents incriminating some people tend to get lost so easily nowadays! Or people suspected of fraud always tend to get sick just before their hearings start! Wonder how our good folks who were named in the enquiry for frauds at MCB/NPF or Maurtius are doing these days,i hope much better since the cases against them have been dropped.

Sa meme appele l'ile paradisiaque sa!

Paradis Fraudeurs ek Triangeurs!

Bon Courage Mr Cunningham,

Allez Bruno, met li K.O! lol...:)

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

dan enkor imP letemps .. pou mo penC pou coummence gagne banne dimoune ki pou rentre dan assemblE.. fer bannes head shot lor sa banens con..

dimoune pe fustrE et i guess letemps trouve sa bannes kaliT kk ki pe fannE imP partou la.. bannes jeune degouT et essay kit pays allE!!

ene coT gagne bannes dimoune couma bruno julie fer banens performance ki pe mark histoire et lotte coT trouve sa banens comerage ki pe paC dan morice la..

eski vraimem zotte fier etre mauricien??

Anonymous said...

Dommage mo pas p cav vine dans class python la :( would have been fun snif...

Seeing the news, i think i can say we will see mauritius rise a bit in the sports field internationally. We'll get to see:"The first mauritian to have an olympic medal"

On the other hand we'll get to see also:"Mauritius has gained a few ranks in the most corrupted country"
Wondering if they want us to become first in the world in the domain :/ ?

Now pour rep a pravin
eski vraimem zot fier ene mauricien

mo pu dire ki mo pref reste trankil coz moment mo dir mo fier detre mauricien(comme le fait de savoir ene mauricien p gagne medaille olympik) b tjr pu arrive kitchoz pu fer mo honT dir mo mauricien(comme ban trucs ek cunningham la)
Its a infinite loop i pas croire pu ena kit changements...


Chaya said...

Hi Sir,

"Python going strong!"
I would say, "Python giving me headache" specially when the "import" thingy would not work at my place while it did otherwise in the lab and there was the "Eurekaaa!!!" sensation...Megalolz :D
And yeah, the lecturer ki ne sait pa rire,laughed too! Kidding...
Pa dir li,hein...

And yeah, ever came accross this :

"IndentationError: unindent does not match any outer indentation level"

I've always learned that indentation is good programming practice and allows for better code readability. But then how comes Python finds it an error!?!
A moins ke moi ki ai mal compris!

I must say that I very much like C++ as compared to Python, malgre les difficultes de l'an dernier.

I would like to add that "Python fer fifi at times!"

And yeah, Python likes its codes to be indented! My God!

With lots of trials and errors, my friend has been able to solve the "import" problem, just hope it works for all programs written now.

Anyways, I'm learning Python only to have fun because Sir, you inspired me as concerns your passion for programming.

Looking forward to Python Labsheet 2.



Kurt Avish said...

Hah Mr Cunningam really need courage! The PM is quite busy are ministre ki p fer CINEMA gratis... He is the Producer afterall...

G@V!N said...

Well it took me some time to send a proper reply to all those post, and here it is!
As far as being a mauritian, i am rather proud..or ...could i feel otherwise. However it is disgusting when the politician get into stuff and get their way out, even though many of them seem guilty. It is dangerous when people lose faith institutions which are meant to safeguard their interest.

Well, Python Programming, - i am having fun with it! Just feeling great that my 'passion' for programming managed to infect at least one person. Ha ha ha ha! I know the indentation can be annoying at time, especially if you are meant to be delimiting your blocks using curly braces.Baut i find the way Python 'forces' the user to indent very nice, it does make the codes much more readable. May be the error you are getting is due to an extra indentation level which we will find out pretty soon. I'll have a look at the codes if you want.

I am looking forward to my next post tomorrow, loads of things happened this week!!

Chaya said...

"Just feeling great that my 'passion' for programming managed to infect at least one person. Ha ha ha ha!"

Using the word "infect" here as if an insect infected me with some virus!!! hihihihi

I never knew that passion for programming could be a virus too!lolz :D

Is it a computer virus or a sub-microscopic agent? :P



Anonymous said...

Hi Sir..
With time you'll know who I'm..I'm in your first year CSE class..
Awesome blog.
Python...Its quite interesting..Got to love programming.

@Avish-->Remember the poster of the new film?The Mauritian version of Pirate des carraibes..LoL..I can't find the pic nor its name.{I'm becoming old}

Anonymous said...

Hmmm,for the cunningam thing well,I am not so well informed abt it,btr nt draw any conclusion,bt for political thing,well,we r the sole responsible for it.See,mtians dnt actually knw wat leadership means.n politicians,r like free to do watever they want coz we dnt actually go against them or do smtng abt it.Like i knw a case frm France,where there was kind of law (CPE smtng)to be implemented n all the students went on strike and the situation changed.AM not trying to influence anybdy,bt instead of writing thngs or complaining,I believe more in action!I dnt find smtng right abt the gov,i try to think of a rational solution n well,see who propose smtng like that or well, i would try to make a difference without having to use politics etc.One prob that we people have is complaining,but if we use that much energy to do something,be it good or bad,then i believe there will be a change!
Hmmm,for now i want to change something,hw abt create a kind of prog forums?I find so many people interested in prgs,so marier piker we can share things,codes,tutorials etc.Also we would be blessed to have a lecturer with us lol.i believe that it would be kind of virtual class.I dunno abt u guys but i believe that these things should be encouraged at UOM and as i believe in sharing, its my dream to show its importance to others.that would also alleviate the tasks of lecuters also :p wat say Mr Gavin?