Sunday, July 2, 2017

Front-end Code Camp

Its been a while... I know... A couple of weeks ago I got contacted regarding whether I would be interested to help out in the Front-End Code Camp. At first I had some apprehensions since I am not at all a Front-End Guy!!! But the I was told that it would be for a  MicroController workshop/session. This is more like my stuff. So I agreed and after agreeing to the schedule and content... off I was to La Turbine. Got there, then realised that I had forgotten my laptop charger and wireless mouse. Memogen is still expensive in this country.

After the Opening Ceremony Rahul Takoor and I were setting up our area for the practical. We were expecting around 15 people, however when were were about to start, we had more that 20 people interested in the session. To handle so many without a projector would be hard, so Rahul and I decided to move to the kitchen for the session... Really the KITCHEN... It had a smart TV and we could extend the display to HDMI. It had three tables each with 6-7 seats and a couple of high/bar stools, some folks were standing. I went through my presentation(with minimum brightness to increase battery usage...mind you i did not have the charger with me) which included the famous video my Massimo Banzi which really got me into Arduino programming.... now and then during my presenation i was teasing those not using open source tech and those unlucky enough to know me from before. The session went on well then Rahul pursued with his part on NODEJS to program arduino - he did a great job... Very interesting indeed. The participants seems so interested that they were about to forget to have their lunch...

It was interesting day for me and i hope those present in the session enjoyed if as much as I did... I got the chance to meet up with some interesting people including current and previous students as well as David, Damien, Jean Marc, Cedric, Zakiya and .... 

As i said... I have taught and programmed in unconventional places...but in a kitchen... that was the first time.

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