Saturday, March 7, 2009

Python Rocks!!!

Hi all,
You might be aware that we are currently using Python as the programming language to teach students Programming Methodology, and its is going on very well. I am personally having fun, and i believe that i am not the only one.

I am also teaching Communication Skills this semester, and i am being given a golden opportunity listen to the students speak. Last week, I had requested them to speak about their Dreams and Aspirations, and if they had only a couple of months left what lesson would they like to pass on about their life. This was inspired from the Last Lecture from Randy Pausch Though most of them did the first part correctly, none of them has really learnt any lesson which they deemed useful mentioning. Well I have been accused too many times of being philosophical, many students dream of owning a brand new car, a big house and a 'nice hot chick', Is that all there is to life? Je crois qu'ils sont dephasés par rapport a la realité.

We tend to describe ourselves as being bilingual, but can we really speak and write French and English properly. I am very much disappointed when i hear reporters both on public and private media stations commit mistakes when they speak on air. Aren't their reports checked before they are read on air? No comments about their accents, it sounds as if they have lived in France or the US. But their grammar really sucks at times!! I was at the opening ceremony of the UniTech last Wednesday. The Director of Orange Business Services, Mr Patrice Despax outlined the motivation of his company to come to Mauritius inspite of our small population was the fact that that we are billingual and he also stressed on the face that we need too improve written French as well.

Since last week the Public Health Act came into force and it is not permissible to smoke in public place and im my opinion this Act has some loop-holes.

No person shall smoke a tobacco product while driving or travelling in a vehicle carrying passengers. What if someone parks his van next to a bus stop and has 10 persons smoking in the van. Technically the persons are not travelling, as the car is stationary. So what can be done??? Furthermore, the vehicle refers to a private location inside a public