Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Summer Time!

Hi dear readers,
Well looks like Daylight saving will be applied this year. Daylight saving time, was first proposed in 1907 by a certain William Willett, it is intended to allow people to make the most of daylight hours during summer, and reduce the amount of energy spent in artificial lighting (and heating..though not really applied to our local context)

Benjamin Franklin, during his visit in Paris, proposed DST as a means to save on candles used in street lighting. Well, according to some research, DST has effects on traffic and criminality.How much this is true is hard to quantify.

The interested reader is more than invited to visit the wikipedia article How it works? Well usually in the last Sunday of october you are expected to move your clocks one hours backwards and in the last sunday of march, you are expected to move them is the exact opposite in the northern hemisphere because the seasons are reversed...

Well talking about the DST, i watched the parliamentary debates on TV earlier on. At some point in time one deputy was annoyed by a remark of another member from the opposite side of the house. The tone of the discussion worsened, and there reached a point where the speaker had to intervene to calm them down and request each member to withdraw their respective comments.

There is something disgusting which happened, the speaker said that the recording were inaudible as the members were seated and were not recorded. This is silly! Another things which highlighted the stupidity of the system is the fact that all remarks made in any language apart from english and french is not recorded, this explains why our deputies (notice that i did not say respected representatives, as they are neither respectful not do they represent me) other words, they can abuse themselves using creol and yet nothing is recorded. This might explain why parliamentary debates are not broadcast live on TV, as this will show to the population how their representatives behave.

Furthermore, when the speaker suspended the proceeding for 30 minutes to view the recordings, the cameraman made a 'gros plan' on the leader of the opposition as if to wait for any reaction which would used to present a (or another) bad image of him. I believe that the national tv station is meant to be impartial,but we know that about 15 minutes of the news is reserved for members of the government, whereby they would broadcast whole speeches at length, as if they news editors are unable to summarise they essence of the speeches. By now we have enough TV channels to broadcast the whole debates, but are all the elected persons ready (or civilised enough) for it. I am tempted to say that only time will tell.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Hi all,
I hope you are doing fine. I have just found my keys, i had lost them and i had everyone at home look for them.I was just going through my blog earlier on and i realised that most of you do not really comment on my blog when i get Philosophical. This is serious!

You have to get the essence of your life, and at times it pays to ask fundamental questions. Anyways, a chacun ses trucs.

I had a look at UOM's blog today and one of the things mentioned was the need to write the postings in proper french...its gonna be hard for many (including me).

Well today, we had lunch with our new colleague Prof. Stefan Brandle, who is a very nice gentleman from Indiana, he speaks french, English, German, and does understand Creol as well...He is Fulbright scholar and will he spending a whole year with us. We got him introduced to one of our local dishes: Roti Cari and he said he liked it.

We'll see with the other stuff...

Anyways take care of yourselves


Friday, July 25, 2008

Some Philosophical thoughts i want to share!

Hi all,
I had a lovely and very profound discussion with a friend today and we talked about what motivates people. Well not everyone is motivated by the same things. Some people want money, others fame, others satisfaction, others fulfillment of their dreams,still others recognizance. And all this depends on choices we make. At the moment we make the choices, they seem meaningless, but when we take time and look back we realise their true importance.

I have always said one thing, do the things which make you happy and do not procrastinate! Because on one day in your life there will be no tomorrow. The best pleasures in life are free, how many of you have taken the time to admire the stars in a clear sky at night, how many of you have enjoyed the sight of the reflection of a full-moon in the lagoon, how many of have had their fingers grasped by a baby, how many of you have seen a rainbow and said to yourselves that the drizzle was worth it, how many of you have watched the sunset on the beach with people dear to your heart, how many of you have been so happy that they cried?

And yet we are 'A la poursuite du bonheur (avec la peur de la mort qui nous poursuit)'. Do we need to carry on this pursuit, or simply grasp it.

Avinash has the habit of saying that his job in not to lecture but to inspire, which I perfectly understand, as it is so true. When i was young(er) there were a couple of my teachers i admired, and this probably explains why I chose to be a lecturer, hoping that i might inspire at least one student in my career.

I was watching a documentary yesterday, and the last sentence struck me, it was the words of a Moroccan Nomad who said to the guy doing the documentary: "Vous avec l'heure, mais moi j'ai le temps cher monsieur",

Well unfortunately for us we are so much caught that we forget the most important thing in life which is: LIVING. We spend so little time being happy that when we reach that feeling we lose time understanding it and then we feel that when we are happy time flies and when we are suffering, time it true?

Any one willing to share any philosophical thoughts are most welcome to express the way i will be posting some pictures soon, just to show you that stars are not out of reach!

By the way i have reached 500 visitors on my blog since its creation...hurray!!!lol!