Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Summer Time!

Hi dear readers,
Well looks like Daylight saving will be applied this year. Daylight saving time, was first proposed in 1907 by a certain William Willett, it is intended to allow people to make the most of daylight hours during summer, and reduce the amount of energy spent in artificial lighting (and heating..though not really applied to our local context)

Benjamin Franklin, during his visit in Paris, proposed DST as a means to save on candles used in street lighting. Well, according to some research, DST has effects on traffic and criminality.How much this is true is hard to quantify.

The interested reader is more than invited to visit the wikipedia article How it works? Well usually in the last Sunday of october you are expected to move your clocks one hours backwards and in the last sunday of march, you are expected to move them is the exact opposite in the northern hemisphere because the seasons are reversed...

Well talking about the DST, i watched the parliamentary debates on TV earlier on. At some point in time one deputy was annoyed by a remark of another member from the opposite side of the house. The tone of the discussion worsened, and there reached a point where the speaker had to intervene to calm them down and request each member to withdraw their respective comments.

There is something disgusting which happened, the speaker said that the recording were inaudible as the members were seated and were not recorded. This is silly! Another things which highlighted the stupidity of the system is the fact that all remarks made in any language apart from english and french is not recorded, this explains why our deputies (notice that i did not say respected representatives, as they are neither respectful not do they represent me) other words, they can abuse themselves using creol and yet nothing is recorded. This might explain why parliamentary debates are not broadcast live on TV, as this will show to the population how their representatives behave.

Furthermore, when the speaker suspended the proceeding for 30 minutes to view the recordings, the cameraman made a 'gros plan' on the leader of the opposition as if to wait for any reaction which would used to present a (or another) bad image of him. I believe that the national tv station is meant to be impartial,but we know that about 15 minutes of the news is reserved for members of the government, whereby they would broadcast whole speeches at length, as if they news editors are unable to summarise they essence of the speeches. By now we have enough TV channels to broadcast the whole debates, but are all the elected persons ready (or civilised enough) for it. I am tempted to say that only time will tell.



Anonymous said...

Well I think they tried to introduce that "Daylight saving time" thing in the 80's in Mauritius, but it didnot work. Hopefully this time it will,if they introduce it. I personally don't think that people will not refrain from using electricity for their usual activities and it not 1 hour more of daylight in the afternoon will help reducing electrical consumption.

Anonymous said...

Something puzzles me. With summertime, courses that start at 9am at Uni will actually start at 8am?

This is quite a bad idea.

If I want to reach Uni at 9am, I need to be in Port Louis at 8am, which implies me leaving my house at 7am, which in turn implies me waking up at 6am.

Now if we remove 1 hr in the above, I need to get up at 5am, leave home at 6, be in PL at 7 and Uni at 8! THIS IS BAD!

And that's for me! Now imagine people who life even further away than me! It's an abomination to make students (poor us!) wake up at 4am everyday! :/

Yours Anon! :D