Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Hi all,
I hope you are doing fine. I have just found my keys, i had lost them and i had everyone at home look for them.I was just going through my blog earlier on and i realised that most of you do not really comment on my blog when i get Philosophical. This is serious!

You have to get the essence of your life, and at times it pays to ask fundamental questions. Anyways, a chacun ses trucs.

I had a look at UOM's blog today and one of the things mentioned was the need to write the postings in proper french...its gonna be hard for many (including me).

Well today, we had lunch with our new colleague Prof. Stefan Brandle, who is a very nice gentleman from Indiana, he speaks french, English, German, and does understand Creol as well...He is Fulbright scholar and will he spending a whole year with us. We got him introduced to one of our local dishes: Roti Cari and he said he liked it.

We'll see with the other stuff...

Anyways take care of yourselves


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