Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Irresponsible Students!

Hello you all,
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I read something today, in fact it something i heard a couple of days ago about an Afghan student got sentenced to death for having downloaded an article on the role of women in Islam and distributed the article to his teachers and friends in his University (Balkh University). A complaint was lodged against him, and he did not even have the right to a lawyer. His name is Sayed Pervez Kambaksh , and he is aged 23. Human rights group of the UN are trying to convince Mr Hamid Karzai to intervene, but it so happens that as per the Independent Newspaper of the UK, the guy who passed that sentence, Sibghatullah Mojaddedi, happens to be a key ally of Karzai. Some people are also pressuring Karzai to execute the sentence as soon as possible.

Picture of Mr Kambaksh (Source:Picture from Reuters)

Rahimullah Samander, the president of the Afghan Independent Journalists' Association, said: "This is unfair, this is illegal. He just printed a copy of something and looked at it and read it. How can we believe in this 'democracy' if we can't even read, we can't even study? We are asking Mr Karzai to quash the death sentence before it is too late." Source (Independent.co.uk)

With our Attorney General who happens to be a Human Rights thingy....doesn't Mauritius have a say in this??? For as far as I know , Mr Kambaksh is human as well.

There is a petition (which i signed earlier today)to urge the Foreign Office of the UK to do something, i think that if you believe in democrary its your responsibility to add your name to the list. What about UOM students are they to busy with elections??? They guy is a student as well!!!Par solidarité estudiantine, faites donc quelque chose!!! I even created the Support Sayed Pervez Kambaksh Group on FB

The full article is here:


Well I did a cyberlaws lecture today, and i was appalled by the lack of responsibility of some students (both guys and girls). Last week I had given them some thing to prepare on a comparison between Local Computer Related laws and the laws in the UK and most of them did not bother prepare.This is an attitude which i personally find:
1. Disrespectful
2. Disgusting
3. A true demonstration of the culture du 'ferfoutisme de certains etudiants'
4. Lack of seriousness in their studies

What they do not realise is the importance of the assignment!
Because we have to analyse whether our laws are adequate or not. But some of them do not have adequately developed brains to understand that. All i got as excuse for them not preparing was that they were not present when i gave the assignment, while others gave me stupid smiles, and still others gave me Hi-Sense gazes.

Result will definitely show, as they happen to reflect the amount of work put in, specially since its a weightage-5 module!

God Save us all!!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Avinash goes away!

Hi all,

Last week was the last week of my dear friend Dr Scheme, we went for lunch together at a wicked restaurant called Coco des iles at Roche-Brunes, and we had a wicked time, their interior decoration and artifacts they used to serve food is very original.They served rice in a coco-fesse which was cut in half, others had 'satini rekin' in a coconut shell.

They when i got back to uni i had the privilege to attend Dr Scheme's last lecture titled: Convergence of Technology whereby he talked about WEB 2.0, Apple iPhone, Semantic Web and...
See Below!

I found it very interesting and learnt quite some stuff. We had a good time and someone even asked me a question (as Avinash introduced me later in his lecture) concerning E-Commerce Payment Processing. Then we went at Avi's place for a beer and Christina made some delicious little snack and they kids were singing and reciting poems and i had a good time.

Friday was officially his last day and it did make me kind of sad when i saw him packing his stuff. Anyways he felt he needed to explore new horizons and i wish him all the best.

Friday also meant my first programming lab with some first year students, while getting them to test some programs, i was shocked to find out that some were struggling with questions to find area and volumes of geometric shapes. They probably relied too much on the list of formulae for HSC...how sad!!!

By the way, i sorted out my aquarium and look at what it now looks like!! Its so cool!

On Saturday, i while helping out some student, i got carried away while explaining Quadratic Equations, then i braked!!!! else i would have turned this programming lecture into a Maths class! I still believe that there is a teacher's contribution into making a student love or hate a subject!

So what do you think?

Last week we also heard about the 'Decoller Pas coller' campaign against pasting of posters and billboarding, what silly is that they got student to do that during college hours, i believe that they would be better off at school. They could have done that during the week-end. Let's hope and pray that this commendable initiative also last until the elections next year and that the authorities do not turn a blind eye when the political parties start putting posters on bus-stands and round abouts.

We are also hearing discussion about the reluctance of some teachers to work till 15 00, we'll this will delay their private tuitions! How will they manage???? Money they earn by selling their knowledge surely outweighs their professional conviction in doing their job in their respective schools!

So disgusting - To them, may be that education is no longer a service, but more of a business!

At times the parents are to blame as tuitions are fashionable and sometimes the students are at fault as they do not study hard enough at school and pay to learn the same things at college - that's if the teachers work at college (I was lucky, as I had marvelous teachers, and i am thankful to all of them). Especially Mr Kalachand and my tuitions teachers Mr Ram SATHAN and Mr Pourannen Sungeelee, i owe much of what i am to them!

A Teacher's job is not to teach, but to inspire. Isn't it Mr Meetoo!!!

So what is your opinion!