Thursday, June 11, 2009

A little bit of something!

Hi all,
I hope that you are all doing great! I have been very busy over the last weeks and now i wanted to write a little bit!

I was busy with stuff, and some Python Stuff! Has some fun with client server applications and object serialisation in python! There was also a training held at AUF on the creation of dynamic web-pages using PHP and MySQL. Four colleagues and I went there and I have personally learnt quite a lot.

There is another workshop coming up and this time its going to be on Enterprise Security, I am already drooling just at the thought of it!

Here in our little paradise surrounded by devils, life is fun, we still have the daily half-hour comedy shows at 1930. I read an article on a weekly newspaper saying that our PM is having issues with the CEO of MBC over a parliament member's comment about cameras in a region where a (much-talked about) Macarena Party was supposedly held. What will happen when or if the whole of the parliamentary proceedings will be aired? I think we will either see just the images because all the speeches will be censored, or we will witness a weekly change of persons at the head of the MBC..... A quand la premiere television privE?

We have also big (sweet) talks about Maurice Ile Durable, why not encourage our minister to take smaller and less polluting cars? Why not use better buses? Why not have windows in all building instead of massive glass panes and than use Air-conditioning? Have a 'bonus malus' on old cars. There was an apparatus bought by the National Transport Authority some years back called an Opacimeter (Device which checks toxicity or exhaust gases of vehicles), should they use it on buses, I am sure that over 30% of buses would be considered as not road-worthy. All the ideas above are simple, as a result of this they do not lie within the reach of Advisers or Ministers.

Just a few words about the customer service at the local fruit-named ISP, it takes them 3 days and 3 mails (with the last one being very sarcastic and harsh) to reply to a customer request sent in their contacts and complaints mailboxes. And two days to write a 2 line letter? Talk of a fast customer service!

I would also like to make a polite request to all people with suicidary tendencies who are contemplating the Pont-Colleville option. To avoid any disruption to traffic, please use the Southbound side in the morning and the northbound side in the afternoon because it disrupts the traffic flow. If you want to end your life, please do not worsen the remaining days of others.

A bas l'incinerateur!