Friday, March 12, 2010

It's been so long since the last time, so let us Forgive, Forget and Remember.

I am back after so long. Well throughout that absence i have learnt a lot and its about time to share.

I have been contemplating for quite some time about the objective of life. We are all here for a brief interval. What we do during this interval will determine how we are remembered. I have known many people who came in my life, left a mark and left. I have always heard that everyone is here for a reason and that their whole life can be summed up in how you can remember them.

Some can be remembered because they lived by the Carpe Diem motto, i.e. they cared only about the present and did not bother about the future.

Some can be remembered because they lived their whole life pleasing others, without focussing about pleasing themselves.

Some lived their whole life ensuring that they led people on the right track, but lost their own way.

Some people take a wrong step once, fall, and this fall leaves a lifelong scar. Though they might have learn a lesson (the hard way), the scar will always remind them of that one wrong step.

I have believed in and lived by the motto :'An eye for an eye', but this simply is not right. Because you will end up being exactly the same as the one who hurt you. Which is not what you would like, and this could be your wrong step. What happens if the scar is one somebody else?

Well I am learning to forgive. Some people focus on nourishing the grudge, and forget why there was a grudge in the first place. Time goes by.... that is time wasted. I do not want to be remembered as someone who was revengeful.

Everyone will have only one shot at everything, so better not waste it. If by misfortune you miss it, do not waste time. Learn your lesson, keep going and focus on not committing the same mistake again.

Let's forgive, forget and remember....this might sound contradictory, but let me explain.
We will forgive, forget the harm done to you and remember only the good times.

Oooh, by the way a good friend of mine released a video on youtube check it out here. Have a look and tell me if you recognise anyone!

What do you think?