Friday, July 25, 2008

Some Philosophical thoughts i want to share!

Hi all,
I had a lovely and very profound discussion with a friend today and we talked about what motivates people. Well not everyone is motivated by the same things. Some people want money, others fame, others satisfaction, others fulfillment of their dreams,still others recognizance. And all this depends on choices we make. At the moment we make the choices, they seem meaningless, but when we take time and look back we realise their true importance.

I have always said one thing, do the things which make you happy and do not procrastinate! Because on one day in your life there will be no tomorrow. The best pleasures in life are free, how many of you have taken the time to admire the stars in a clear sky at night, how many of you have enjoyed the sight of the reflection of a full-moon in the lagoon, how many of have had their fingers grasped by a baby, how many of you have seen a rainbow and said to yourselves that the drizzle was worth it, how many of you have watched the sunset on the beach with people dear to your heart, how many of you have been so happy that they cried?

And yet we are 'A la poursuite du bonheur (avec la peur de la mort qui nous poursuit)'. Do we need to carry on this pursuit, or simply grasp it.

Avinash has the habit of saying that his job in not to lecture but to inspire, which I perfectly understand, as it is so true. When i was young(er) there were a couple of my teachers i admired, and this probably explains why I chose to be a lecturer, hoping that i might inspire at least one student in my career.

I was watching a documentary yesterday, and the last sentence struck me, it was the words of a Moroccan Nomad who said to the guy doing the documentary: "Vous avec l'heure, mais moi j'ai le temps cher monsieur",

Well unfortunately for us we are so much caught that we forget the most important thing in life which is: LIVING. We spend so little time being happy that when we reach that feeling we lose time understanding it and then we feel that when we are happy time flies and when we are suffering, time it true?

Any one willing to share any philosophical thoughts are most welcome to express the way i will be posting some pictures soon, just to show you that stars are not out of reach!

By the way i have reached 500 visitors on my blog since its creation...hurray!!!lol!



Chaya said...

Hi Mr Gavin,
hearty congratulations for your 500 visitors on your blog.

This post is indeed an inspiring and thought provoking one. People nowadays are busy pursuing their career and are as you said, not LIVING.

During my holidays, i have tried to do those things which always keep me happy--baby sitting my nieces and nephews...I find great happiness and peace of mind while looking of them, i simply love those kids. I got another niece of 2 months, she's an angel on earth, and looking after her is simply WOW.

The last time I was REALLY happy, on the verge of crying was for my 20th birthday, which I want to share. I was in fact participating in a grand prayer which was held for one of my nieces to clear some hurdles in her life, and my birthday happened to be on the before last day. That morning,as I woke up, my 2 nieces,one at a time, sung Happy Birthday for me, and it was really too sweet and i immediately gave them a tight hug. Then the next day, was the final day of prayer which was completed by a Maha Yagya, and it was my niece's birthday as well. After the prayers, there was a small Kirtan organised, and there again the uncles/aunties would sing Happy Birthday again for me and my niece and this time with showers of flowers as blessings, and that moment I cried. Next, we had two birthday cakes, all the people present, along with my dear colleagues at work and all my dears, a small birthday. I think this is the most happiest moment in my life. I really love that moment.

I believe that one should devote oneself to being the most loving person one knows and thinking, feeling, and acting as though one is among the greatest people currently on the planet.

Your life will never be the same and you will bless many lives.

One more thing I would like to say is that, always care for your dear ones and know their importance and role they play in our life...because nowadays people only realise the importance of others,only when they are gone and have regrets.

Cherish every little moments spent with your dear ones and parents.

Last but not the least, enjoy each and every day as if it's the last dawn and dusk your are experiencing.


Anonymous said...

Greeting from Australia,well,while browsing the net i've stumbled on your blog.I was born in Mauritius but been in Oz for quater of a century now.I will refer to your comment regarding "living".I do agree we are meant to live life to the fullest and not let life controlled us.But in this asthetic world of demands and a need to be the best we lose the point of the true essence of life.But easy said than done,what truely aspires us is our experiences no matter good or bad it will shape your life.It's not a bad thing to be on the other side of the scale that is thriving to be the best and but one should be ready to fall.Then we will come to the understandinf of the meaning of one existence.So,my point we gotta experince pain n suffering to understand happiness.Don't you agree.
Thank you for allowing me to express my views.Nice to see a Mauritian,so, cheers from Australia

G@V!N said...

Well, first, thank you for reading.
I do agree with the fact that we need to go through some pain and suffering to really appreciate happiness, however, sometimes while looking for complicated things to make us happy, we go past the simple things which can brings us joy.

I have always wondered the difference could be between Joy, Happiness and Pleasure, then i came up to the conclusion that it may be the duration:
Pleasure is usually more short-lived than Happiness. Happiness in turn is more short-lived than Joy...well that's my conclusion...What do you think?

The best people always fall, what differentiates them from the others is that they get up again, learn a lesson and keep on trying....well that's of course my opinion!

Anonymous said...

Hi Gavin,
Thank you for your response and yes you guess it lol ur friendly Mauritian compatriote from Australia.As you have notice am fascinated by life and what makes one tick.I agree to a certain extent about your opinions on how humans seem to miss the simplicity of life,and what makes us happy.We all different and I will go along to say we are all unique on this earth,there is only one u and me,and like the saying goes it takes all kind to make a world.As human are fallible beings,we are meant to learn from our mistakes,I dont mean one has to suffer to know the true joy of happiness NOOOOOOOOOO.Havent u notice with some people troubles follow them and they didnt look for it.All things happen for a reason and we cant rationalise and as well as gemneralise.The importance of it all is how we cope with what the universe dish out.Well, what I truely think is one has to acquire wisdom,understanding and knowledge to undertstand who we really are and what is our purpose.Then happiness will come in the form of peace in your inner spirit,show we are equipped to deal with whatever is thrown at us.LOl,think I better end here,or else I will carry on and on,because philosophy fascinates me.
So happy searching and may u be blessed with wisdom (it can only happen when we are open to deep thoughts).
Thank you for the insight.
From Naomi

G@V!N said...

Hi Naomi,
I think that when you've been through tough times, then you appreciate the good times better!

I think that we are all a bunch of energy (some call it the soul!!!) and this energy keeps us going! We die when the body (which so happens to 'contain this energy') wears out and cannot hold 'contain' life.

So, one is alive as long as the soul is in the body!

I usually think about people and their life. They come on earth, get with people, love, get loved, harm, get harmed, and then die...i think life if worth living if you improve the life of those you love. And then when you die, after some generations you are just forgotten, just a picture on a wall..the individuality of the person is lost!!! which is sad! but the plain truth!