Monday, August 11, 2008

My first Python Lecture

Hi all,
Today I delivered my first Lecture in Programming Methodology, i talked about computer systems, compilers, interpreter, and Programming Methodology.

While preparing my slides, i wanted to include some nice graphics and pictures so that it become slightly less predictable. For the first time, i used Open-Office to prepare lecture notes.It took me some time to work round the interface, but it was worth. I also saved a Powerpoint compatible copy just in case Open-Office was not installed on the PC i might be using.....this happened to be a very wise decision. Unfortunately, with the Powerpoint compatible format, the presentation had lost some of its 'bling-bling'. Text-boxes and Picture-frames were translated and ... The RGB projector had to be re-initialised as it was displaying upside down. Luckily a friend helped me out.

After that, i managed to start my lecture, nice little intro, little side notes about computers, scientists, mathematicians and i even managed to get a picture from the movie "Lost in translation" to explain conversion of High-Level to machine-level language.

The last part of my lecture was about the Butterfly Effect and Chaotic Systems, what a marvelous side note: Edward Lorenz, I believe that the Students need not learn things by heart, or just for the sake of knowing stuff, knowing about the persons behind the discoveries might help too. Another reference was made to Algebra and Musa Al Khwarism...

Then later on during the day, i had a lab session during which i managed to get them to use Linx and Dr Python, some other students used Kate+Konsole, but it was ok on the whole. Some students are very good, which i find encouraging. Though i had a couple of issues with some slight differences in syntax, i managed to get all the programs working.

Then got back home and watched TV, then there was a very very very short Powercut, when they released the power, i.e about 1 second later (seriously, it was wickedly quick), the TV, the DVB receiver, along with the Microwave oven got damaged and they are not switching on now!.I called 130 (CEB Hotline), and i am meant to call at the nearest CEB office to tell them about it....which i will not fail to do!!! Whose gonna pay for my 29" TV....definitely them!!! They have to learn the lesson about those shitty powercuts at random times.

So boring aint it, home without TV during the Olympic games!!!


Anonymous said...

So? So? How's Python vs C++? Which one do you prefer, and which one did the freshers prefer?

Man, I'm so jealous! I really wanted to learn some python too. Guess I'm stuck with learning it on my own... :(

Anyways, seems these young people will be having a fun ride through Programming Methodology this year with you, sir!

Btw, will you allow an intruder (me?) in your classes for some Python goodness? Pretty please?? :P

Anon :D

Chaya said...


like you Anon, moi oci jalouse, wanted to attend Python classes to get to know the language, and already got the permission from Mr Sathan as well, but unluckily, I have Operations Management classes at that time :( Poor Me!!! Will miss the fun of ur class this year Sir.

Wish you and all your new students a very good and entertaining journey.

I bet this academic year results for the programming methodology module will be much much better as compared to previous academic year.

I would like to say a big big Thank You Monsieur for your patience, dedication and passion for programming, and yeah without forgetting your perfectionism :P

Just kidding, pa offenser.

A pretty little advice to first years, please never miss Mr Gavin's class, else u'll be all LOST!

Thanks a lot Sir!



Anonymous said...

well i don't think that the students will be able to compare python vs c++ cause they were not introduce to c++ i think.. anyway maybe its nicer this way..
As long as they develop the mindset of a programmer.. whatever be the tool doesn't whether python or c++..

also i'll think it will be nice if students are allowed to choose their own OS :P haha

all the best for the class .. btw how many students are there in one class these days? :P

Anonymous said...

That's definitely u INF!!! the guy who's jealous of the freshers wahahahah C++ is really kewl but once you've mastered how to "Speak in C++" everything settles down. It's really powerful especially when designing real time systems. If i'm not wrong, you can explicitly integrate ASM(used in micro programming(PIC/AVR/EEPROM) language in c/c++ by using ASM{}. well if python is being used, i guess students will be more motivated to learn programming since it's easy.

yeah i'll sneak in your class and take all your notes wahaha without you noticing me :D:D:D

Anonymous said...

can you afford yet another intruder?? MEEEE??? :D
i still haven't started my pL and algo class...jst hoping it'll be as fun as yours! lucky freshers! :(((


Anonymous said...

oh my...i really envy zose 1st yrs...who hv u as zeir lecturer ++ zeir lab supervisor...Lucky hw was da python lec...def sure of it...esp wiz u being da tutor :))...was checking out da lectures of da 1st yrs...wudnt deny dat i was kinda surprised wiz da content ; i really hope i get z opportunity 2 b in 1 of ur lectures sumD...:XXD

G@V!N said...

Well I have about 70 students, well as for the intruders, I am sure that if you all join in, there will reach a point where there will be more intruders than year one students.
We have to bear in mind that many Level 1 students will bunk lectures and labs - only to regret that action after the results.

As to being lucky, i am sure the students will be of a totally different

Till now, the Python experience is loveable...well to be honest, any language would make me happy - coz i love doing what i do! Just a shame i have no lectures in ELT2, from where i could run my show!....You know how much fun we had in that lecture theatre!

As regards the choice of OS, I am making use of Kata, and i make them run the python program in the Terminal window!....Aha!!!

So some say i am! No comments! Put it this way - I love efficient programs!

Unfortunately Yasir, I have never used C++ for ASM, By the way the notes are on Moodle!

So long Intruders - I really don't mind - for as long as there are enough seats!

All the best!

Anonymous said...

Lol seryeux alors mo cav vine fer ene letour dans class la de temps en temps XD et help the freshers to go on the right track(my own version of course :P) lol

Concerning prog metho i guess most year one students will be able to manage for the first semester coz the interesting(or complicated) things start middle second semester...

As saray said i hope the PL n algo classes are fun this year :) will get our answer this friD i guess...

For the problem you got, i would have advise you youtubing the olympics but with the great connection in our lovely cyber island...well i think you will have to wait till end semester lol


Anonymous said...

Just a side note.
So, we were your first class of Python.
You explained yourself perfectly
{Not saying that just because you're our lecturer but we really did like the class and the way you explained.}
Still remember the question on drawing a half christmas tree?Well, some of us, even put a pair of shoes below the tree.:p
I did use Kate.Found it more "interesting" than python.