Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Networking between Windows XP and Vista!

Hi all, there hasn't been any interesting posting in the last two days.... and the reasons being 'Microsoft Windows is Crap!' I have been trying to connect my laptop to my desktop at home.
The Desktop is wired to a wireless modem-router, and the Laptop can connect to the Internet Through that router. I wanted to connect the Laptop and the Desktop for File and Printer Sharing.... Very simple! .... in theory!

In practice: I am still not able to do it. The reason : To be able to 'see' the PC running XP, we need to have what we call a Link Layer Topology Discovery Responder installed on it. After the installation, both machines can see each other but from one, we cannot access the other - which defeats the purpose of networking. Still desperate, and much more annoyed, I had a look on other forum and they pointed out that there may be another problem - Firewalls.

I temporarily turned both of them off but still no success. Another forum pointed out that XP runs something called NLTM and Vista uses NLTM we need to 'downgrade' that feature and then hopefully it should work.

The sad and frustrating thing (as is the case with loads of Microsoft Software) is that no where on the Microsoft Support network is the solution mentioned.

I am still struggling and if by tonight this still does not work.... then i would have taken enough crap from Microsoft.

Its a free world and i do not need Windows and Gates.

A funny posting i came across on a forum yesterday is as follows: What a sensible person calls a bug or a system limitation in Windows - Microsoft calls that same thing a 'new feature'.


Anonymous said...

kill bill (kill bill gates)

Screw those microsoft staffs.. I bought original windows vista and after 4 months of usage it prompted for activation again and I called micrsoft and they kept on diverting my calls to different support regions and I ended up in solving this problem by installing crack:

Friend of mine was having same prob he Mailed microsoft and narrated the whole story and told them that he has been able to solve this prob and they asked how.. my friend replied: By cracking of course ;)

Anonymous said...

Did you enable the permission on the security tab?
And BTW, Microsoft ain't crap.
If yes, why is UOM using it?

0x1337 said...

Microsoft is cr@p with all the tons of 0-day exploits still working on windows7 right from windowsXp, not to mention the tons of bugs in it which normal people like the guy above me cant seem to notice.