Monday, February 25, 2008


The Walking urchin.................................


Had a lovely time today in the Programming Revision with Management with IS and i even learnt something new and i need to implement that. There is a key word in C++ called Friend.. wonder what it does!

Today, was Coldplaygurl's Birthday and we had an enjoyable chat, i even got sweets... Got home and i have just finished struggling with XP and vista to try to set up a wireless network between the two of them for file/printer sharing.
XP sees Vista but Vista is blind! Will need to sort that out tomorrow. As promised, i am posting the pictures of yesterday's afternoon at the seaside.


------------A horse at la ferme ---------------

-------Calamindass!! ! Simply Bindas!!!

---------An Urchin Shell -----------------

--An urchin in an Urchin --------------

--------Lighthouse at Albion (Pointe aux Caves)--------

-------------My Snorkelling Stuff and my coral!!!!---------------

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curiousEngine said...

Friend is a keyword. I am not too sure but this is what is does from the following link:

In visual (C#),
"internal" keyword is replacement for "friend" in c#.

internal void myFunction()