Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Hi all!
I have always been a fan of wireless perihpherals for my home and office pc, all of these operate pretty much on the same frequencies 2.4 Ghz... my wireless noise cancelling headphones, my wireless mouse n keyboard, my wireless network card and my Bluetooth adapter.... unfortunately some of these devices mutually interfere and cause a delayed response time. For instance, when the Bluetooth adapter is on, the wireless mouse and keyboard don't respond normally.... its something like hitting a key and the character appearing on the monitor after 2 seconds... Which is very annoying.

Wireless b and g network are even more funny.... they have that scaleback mechanism whereby your bandwidth decreases due to interference without you even being aware of it...crap isn't it... Mobile technologies and its limitations.... that could be the title of an assignment. lol. If you are interested in finding out why they interfere, click here!

I had a lab session today (today was the last lab session in CITS...i will shift in MCID as from next week....pheew what a relief!!)and we went through linked list (...once more), and we even hard coded the implementations for adding a node and displaying the list... i found it fun... except that the implementation was not working for some students and they were meant to send me the code after havin tested theirs. However I managed to come up with my own implementation and in case theirs does not work... They might have to use mine.

Then i was too knackered to tidy up my desk and left it as it is with Lecture notes for Scheme, Labsheets and the file i.e. in an organised mess 'in which i will find all my stuff quickly tomorrow morning'.....(see below!!!)...

First thing tomorrow - Desk!

When i left my office, i had my YOP Rumba in the cafetaria.... as usual, except that i met some students and we had a nice chat.

Then got back home and.......

See you tomorrow lads!!!

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