Monday, February 11, 2008


Well, I tried a few problems using Scheme, most of them worked out wickedly well, except that i do not understand why we have to make use of a second pair or brackets using a let* as shown below

(let* ((V (* 3.14 r r h)))

I dnt see the need for the brackets in red, because (let* (V (* 3.14 r r h)) looks logically correct, unless there is some concept that I missed.

Anyways your help/comments are much welcome!!!

Looking forward to the next scheme lecture!

Anyways, I have been longing for homemade 'microwaved Nachos' lately, got my Doritos, Mozzarella Cheese, Salsa/Peri-Peri dips, but i cannot find Jalepenos!!!!!!! which is very very annoying. I tried Ebene Way, Shoprite, SuperU..... someone help me please.....

By the way we had a 'mangue + di sel-pima' programme today...... just before tea-time.... haha lucky us!!! And they say you are a 'M├ęchante Miss'... how dare they!!!! You know who u are!!!

Anyways see u tomorrow!!!

Btw, anyone knows what the following means:
'Lorem ipsum vim ut utroque mandamus intellegebat, ut eam omittam ancillae sadipscing, per et eius soluta veritus' ?

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