Sunday, February 24, 2008

Wicked Weekend!!!

Hello all, its been quite a long time since i last wrote somthing on that blog...
Yesterday was Saturday, but that is not a discovery... went to Uni to do some studd, catch up with Scheme... and finish labsheet 2. That printer gave me a hrd time as i constantly had to check if it ws printing correctly... the paper was getting jammed for some obscure reasons. Then I made an attempt to implement Newton Raphson in Scheme and it worked..... Je sais, je sais... who cares!

Then got back home rested a bit then it was time for Ghost Whisperer...not bad... in fact Jenniffer (is it 2 n's and 2 f's in Jenniffer... i do not care) Love Hewitt is too cute in it. Then went up and was kind of idle. Finished the races on Facebook's PetrolHead application and then ... since i kinda like C++ i wanted to try the Newton-Raphson method on C++.

Mais la le choc - et la honte - Gavin Sathan does not have a C++ compiler installed on his home PC and his copy of Visual Studio is in the office.... que faire... quand le demon de la programmation vous tente... a situation exceptionelle - mesure exceptionelle ( ou meme mesure desesperé )... i managed to find the old Turbo C++ Compiler fon the back of a dusty drawer and installed it... when it launched it...

That lovely blue screen appeared..... journey through time.. i am back in 2001. I started coding and managed to implement Newton-Raphson in about 20 minutes, the funny thing is that, i had to code a function to return the absolute double precision value since the one in math.h truncated values to integers or floats (if you are lucky!) and i was having problems with precision of non integral roots... with that done... i went to bed all satisfied!!!.

Woke up... it is Sunday...already!!! ....Pheew!!!.. I am looking forward to go to the seaside as i really fancied a good dive (for those who do not know, i love snorkelling)... As usual, the state of the corals at Flic-en-Flac is deteriorating and we are finding less and less fish and other marine animals in the lagoon...

I wish people could see the extend of pollution (shoes, plastic bags ,bottles,t-shirts, and other clothes which i dare not mention ;-) ) and eutrophication resulting from algal bloom. Only then would they hopefully undertand the extent of the damage

I wanted to catch a fish.. but that proved really hard as the sea was rough. Managed to get an urchin and a baby lobster (it was purple and relly tiny) though... what was funny was the fact that the urchin was in the shell of another urchin...I'll post the pictures and video of the urchin walking on the roof of the car tomorrow.. that was nice. No worries... i am not cruel, both the urchin and the tiny baby lobster were released unharmed exactly where they were caught..... I however... i do not know if they are still alive coz when i released the they were... but they could have been eaten up by other creatures...jokin... hope they are ok... for now... i dnt care if tomorrow they get run over by a car or anything.

After that, i went for the traditional De L'eau Coco and then headed to Albion Lighthouse. Once more i took some pix and i'll post them tomorrow.

Well I just upgraded my car to a Mitsubishi FTO in PetrolHead.. here i come!!

Anyways ... I have said enough for today...

Take it easy

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