Monday, February 18, 2008

Asterix & Obelix aux Jeux Olympiques, Scheme.

Hi all,
I went to play pool today, and i must admit, i kinda lost the touch...need to get back into shape soon... gone are the days where i used to be a pool shark in the Atrium of Middlesex Uni along with the Booze Crew(see pictures below)

The Atrium where i spent the best moments of my Uni days in UK. The bar is in the background and the seats next to it were reserved for us...I will never forget our Friday Sessions, we ruled the Atrium and Dave was a Mate. We even had our say in what type of music would be played, and we even had Bhangra put on when we wanted to dance!!!

The mates, ooh my God i miss you all!!! Raj, Mo, Dina and half of Reeshi :-)

Well watched Asterix Today! Not bad at all for a french movie...;-) Then managed to finish some of the Scheme examples in the lecture notes....though the tail recursive version of Fibonacci gave me some hard time..... luckily 'The Schemer' was there and helped me out.

Looking forward to complete labsheet 3 tomorrow!!!

Some of the students are complaining about the labsheets being 'difficult' i hate that word when used in the programming context... in programming nothing is difficult... they are only challenging, and unless they adopt this frame of mind.. they won't ever enjoy it.

Best of luck you all, programming gets easy once you have an idea about the solution... coding helps you to implement, test and refine that idea. So start lighting the bulbs floating over your heads!!!


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