Saturday, February 16, 2008

I am missing a wonderful night at 21-22 with Nitish and my SBM m@te$

I had to go on Yahoo Answers on how to get chewing gum off jeans... freeze the jeans (put it in the freezer) and peel off the hardened/solid chewing gum.... I'll kill that idiot who has put chewing gum on that seat in the bus... Those jean were at 40 pounds in Next.

Today's good news: Priya should be having her baby next Friday... which will make Mo a daddy..get ready with Nappies and feeding bottles Daddy Kool!! Try to keep that kid off the Atrium lads or else he/she will end up like one of us.... i.e. dysfunctional humans.

Went to uni today and had my lecture as on every Saturday morning. Today's topic was on classes. I managed to tricked the students into trying to access the attributes of an interface whereby everything (including the member functions) were private.

Then went to see the staff v/s student pool tournament..... there were some interesting frames though.

After that i went back to the office and then tried to find out how we could find the size of a dynamic array in C++, the first attempts are always tough, but i am sure that the last one will be fruitful!

Anyways... at least now, i got something to think about over the weekend apart from the second labsheet for scheme.

There is a sizeof(array) function and it works wickedly well for static arrays... but i am still facing some problems with dynamic arrays... need to think differently.

However i can't think too much right now, coz i am having a terrible headache... which is so bad that i was unable go to 21-22 with my friends..... :'-(

I tend to believe its because i am not using my specs in the office n in the labs... i am still not using them right now... bad habits die hard.... Next week's resolution- Wear my Specs in office n labs!!!

Yesterday's Joke of the day: To come to uni you need to be 'a brain' not that thing you use to sit on.(I am sure Avinash was referring to chairs....)

I saw the smurfette today and transformed into the pink panther:-
But who is the smurfette!!! You find out!

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