Sunday, March 2, 2008

Blocked in the Parking at Winner's St. Pierre!

Hello you all jolly folks,

Went to uni yesterday to work a bit, had to go to the printing room and there was a dead lizard on the printer - it probably got electrocuted in the connection box. It looked as if it were fossilized.

Later on went for lunch after which we decided to go and see a friends new born baby! Since its was 'ene plan brite' we went to Winners to buy some stuff to bring along... however, when we got back to the parking, an unconsiderate driver had parked just behind us and this was preventing us to move out of the parking space.

I went in to ask the guys to make an announcement... comble de malchance- the microphone was not working.

We waited for 30 minutes in the parking - the guy did not come! Then the car next to us moved out and then we were able to manoeuvre out. Then went there, had a good chat and then got back home - Internet is working,, and are not accessible.
Called up MT and 23 00 and had a very lively conversation with their technical support (as is often the case when i talk to these folks) and they told me that requests from a whole range of IP addresses were being rejected by some US servers - yet we call ourselves in Cyber island.

Well probably Cyber because of the 'Cyber' Towers at Ebene, and Island coz we are isolated and cut off from the rest of the Digital World.

Anyways - "What's in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet." (Romeo and Juliet - W.Shakespeare)

There was a posting some weeks back when i wanted to find the length/size of a dynamic array, i have hunted on different forums for a solution and tried various tricks and it does not seem to work - some even said that there is no easy solution - so should anyone hears about anything please let me know. I do not want to use Vectors by the way!

Well, today Nio visited me today in the new house!!! That was a lovely surprise - he just called and told me he was around - explained him how to get here - he managed except that he turned left when i told him to turn right - is that surprising - well for those who know him well, the answer is NO! As usual my parents were happy to see him after quite some time! Then he left and i went up and Miracle- Facebook is operational, ran a couple (actually 10) races in petrol head and that was it!

Got to go, by the way Miss Tokaiiiiii is complaining that Baby Jasmine is already sucking her thumb - well thats is normal - what would be abnormal would be if she were sucking someone else's thumb....

See you soon !!!

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