Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Pheew what a day!

We will start with a funny picture:

Nothing funny, you might say... What would happen if you parked your car on double yellow line, + Have a look at his reverse indicator lights, only the left indicators are working.. the right bulbs are probably gone!!! the policeman in that car could issue a fine... who would issue him a fine ?

I spent time looking for a Biometric Reader with a SDK. I came across one from a company called M2SYS. The normal price is $ 499, for developing countries it is $ 399, I got a deal from the guy for $ 250... Still rather expensive. The whole of my book allowance will seem to go in that.

There is another one from Microsoft, which I have borrowed from a colleague of mine, it is around $ 40 from Amazon, however the SDK is not included... Looks like i will go for the Microsoft one and learn to develop the applications.... i know it will be hard, but it will not be impossible....

We had a pretty good day in spite of the rain. we were meant to go and play pool but the others postponed! I played a couple of frames and lost..I played against a guy who was so fluky! He potted balled which even Ronnie O'Sullivan would not have been able to pot, and when this happens, I get stressed! They call such acts 'acts of God', so consequently playing against a guy who was helped by God, I had no chance to win!

Then a 'plan brite in lever' it was to go and play badminton , we went and I was meant to go and play until 17 00, however the game was so enjoyable that I stayed till six, since i was meant to go to temple afterwards, I got home slightly late, and when my dad came and pick me up , the car. On our way to the temple the alternator (a little part which constantly recharges the battery when the engine is on) failed and the car just stopped with no headlights, indicator lights.... nothing requiring electric power worked, and since the engine stopped the hydraulic system for the power steering also failed..... He called a friend of his and the latter came to help us out.

When i got home, I got so wet while we were trying to fix the car, and also when I have to empty the fish tank (which actually had turtles in there) , as it was nearly overflowing due to the heavy rain.

After such a long day, I was so knackered to post anything yesterday...

Keep Voting!!!


Anonymous said...

last year a friend was developing his final year project on biometric lol

ine bien fer zako avek sa reader la :)

Anonymous said...

Lol @ Picture.. Poor guy though. I wonder how he'd be able to get out of his vehicle, considering how close he is to the wall! That's why he can't fine himself I guess! :P

G@V!N said...

The way he parked shows how 'intelligent' he is.

Dnt worry, he will manage to get in, they now employ policeman who are skinny. So they do not spend too much cloth to prepare their uniforms..see serrer ceinture ziska lor la toile aussi!. You will need two of policeman side by side to get half the size of M.K.Gandhi.

Don't you see our 'Dal Puri' Policemen....they come in pairs now!

They are so scared that the winds blow them away, that they tend to stay close to each other!