Thursday, March 13, 2008

A day at the seaside!

Hi all, we had a lovely conversation about Maths, Music, Physics and Philosophy on Tuesday Mr his wisdom... pointed out that we are nothing more than stardust...such profound words were sparked by Avinash Talking about the SUN and Nuclear Fusion thereon.

As he rightly explained, we are made up of Carbon, Nitrogen, Hydrogen and Oxygen.
However everything originated from the Sun, Supernovas and... , implying we are nothing but stardust... I even made it funnier by saying that we are all stars.

I know the title of the blog sounds a bit like a STD 6 Essay...but that was how i spent yesterday yesterday.We met at Shoprite and then headed to Pereybere..we all had a wicked time...while some were playing Dominos 'and cheatin'..... i will not mention their names coz 'truth hurts'... but anyways we had a very good time, and in the heat of the day, the 'cold cans of the Mythic Bird' were more that welcome, after some talking, eating, and was time for us to enjoy the blue lagoon, we had a wonderful time with the little fairy and Liverpool's 'next Gerrard'.

After spending some time swimming, we got back on the beach and then rented a Kayak for a little 'tour' in the lagoon. It was very nice except that the wind and the current were annoying as we had to constantly reposition the Kayak.

At around 200 m from the shore-line, it felt so nice and relaxing, .
We had a very interesting conversation about people and comfort zones.

When i was working at Accenture, someone from the HR department once told me that the really like people who are confident enough to move out of the comfort zone as this is what brings innovation in an organisation. However most people tend to work and build/limit a comfort zone around them and then never dare move out of that zone. However in a dynamic and fast evolving field like Information Technology, one cannot even dream of creating a comfort zone because by the time you finish building it, you will have only outdated stuff therein. May be we need to have 'The Eleventh Commandment': - 'Fear the divine wrath, you, Computer Scientist lying in your Comfort Zone'

Some people can even not only lie in the comfort zone, others can also lie about their comfort zone..

As Avinash pointed out there is a very big difference between a real Computer Scientist and someone who has :
1. studied 'only Computer Science'
2. 'studied Computer Science only'
3. only studied Computer science.

I will leave it to your interpretation to identify the fine subtleties in these three options.

When we got back onshore, there was a 'Marchand Glacon Rapé' around, and me and Avi had two each. Fer nou 'rapelle kan nou ti zenfant'

Then we were thinking about where to go as some of us wanted a good cup of tea ... the options were limited... in fact there was only one option, and we did not dare!!!

We then headed back home and I reached at about 19 00,

Well, as soon as i got home, i could feel the effect of the Kayaking on my i said... I am not 17 anymore!!!!

With an excruciating shoulder pain, i went to bed only to wake up at 06 30 with a crap weather.
Just wanted to get back to bed, but 'la conscience professionelle a pris le dessus...'

On the way to work, i heard out Prime Minister talking about 'Le Mauricianisme' thie word is not even in the can we ever understand what he means by this word unless he shows us what it means.

I heard that celebrations at Champ de Mars finished at 04 00, and that the 'sense du patriotisme de Mauriciens a été demontré'....

Good Joke!!!

I will take it further- how productive at work will be the 'patriot' be on the 13th of March after partying till 04 00.

Definitivement, l'usage des mots 'patriote' et 'Mauricianisme' est tres subjectif.

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Anonymous said...

it was a bright wednesday morning, since it was a public holiday, we decided to go to the seaside. everyone was very excited.

i always started my essays like that lol

seem you've heard the Sun, Supernovas theory too :)
very interesting nah...

PS: nice blog ;)