Saturday, March 8, 2008

Tel un phénix qui renaît de ces cendres, Gavin goes Linux!!!

Hi all, sorry for not posting for a while!!! Well there are several reasons (or i might even say excuses) for that. Well 'la resolution de la semaine' was to go for Linux as OS, early on Thrusday, I asked Anwar to give me a hand for the installation, since the CD he had was not installing for some reason, we requested Pascal to help us out, and he actually gave us the last version of Kubuntu, i.e Gutsy Gibbon. After it was installed, i was amazed by the sheer speed at which the laptop could boot up!!!

Though my sound card and my Wireless LAN are not currently working, and i have spent the last two days and nights downloading packages, i will get my way round that... and as they say : Where there is a will there is a way! Well, i am looking for the 'way' right now... though i am typing from my Desktop which is still running XP...... for how long - God knows!

By the way I heard our valued Minister of Arts, Jokes and Comedy on one of the private radios - saying that he personally attended all the rehearsals for the celebration of our 40th Independence day, this implies we might have two scenarios:
1. All his 'moments' would be perfectly intentional - i.e. he said something funny because he had rehearsed for that
2. He rehearsed so much that he cannot 'possibly' go wrong - but we know he will

Whatever be the outcome - i am sure we will have a good laugh.

Yesterday, we had the opportunity to meet D.Lan, a manager at GOOGLE, who came to UOM to explain about how Google and UOM could collaborate, and because it was GOOGLE, we had a very very short PL sad!!!

Yesterday, was the first of three counselling days, and i had prepared the flyers for that, and noticed some mistakes in the flyers today.... to late. Unfortunately, the posters which Avinash had so painstakingly prepared, were for some obscure reasons not printed. Shame! Shame! Shame!!!!

Had a nice conversation with someone from the department about conseling:

The Topic: Shall I 'counsel' them, or tell them the whole truth?

To many, the counseling session is to encourage people to take up A programme at Uni- my definition would be to help them choose the programmes based one criterion only:
Help them find the course which they like or which is more suited to them.

Counselling is providing advice - and advice even be something like 'Do not choose a course in haste, take your time, consider your options and aspirations, choose something in a field you really like, and then go for it'. I also met some parents who were anxious about the future of their child, and the 'reflex' question was :

Eski capave gagne travail ek sa cours la?

The most down to earth and honest answer is : Ek tous cours capave gagne travail, li depende ki quantiter ou bon dans domaine la.

Some people have degrees and yet are not experts in the fields, others have absolutely no degrees and yet are proffesionals.

If we had a course: BSc Fer Dal Puri, would any 1st class graduate of that course be able to beat Dewa or Chapo la Paille..... i doubt...these guys are good in their fields, and its not the BSc Hons Fer Dal Puri which will guarantee you a job.

To get a job there are ONLY two options:
a. Backing Politik - as is often the case in many places, including 'notre p'tite ile paradisiaque'
b. Being better that the others, or even the best!

The choice is yours....
If you choose option one, start sticking posters (even if its against your political ideology) on bus-stops walls for the Political Rallies of the 1st May, and hopefully the guy will remember you when you knock at his door, begging for a favour.

If you choose option two - stop reading this blog and get to your books, your tests are scheduled for week 10, i.e in two week's time.

Well now the bad news! - one of the black goldfishes died today... he got sucked in by the filter (He probably saw finding Nemo and wanted to do the same)...RIP little will sadly be missed!

After work today, went for some prayers, after which i headed straight to Shoprite for a meal- Debonnairs Large Hot Vegeterian Pizza and Garlic Bread (I think they have lessons to learn from me when it comes to preparing Garlic Bread)

Ok i'd better get going now! Catch u later!

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Anonymous said...

Wow thats really a nice post! First of all my sincere sympathy for your black goldfish its really sad, think he was trying to escape just like nemo... lets continue with the begining lol linux the best OS one can have only and only if he can and will use it!! About the 12march celebration i think that i'll have to buy some popcorns to watch it coz every year its being funnier and funnier haha... Who gonna have a Bsc Fer Dal Puri, well i think the best will be to join The University of Making Money Easily... bah really that example is too good... there is loads of thing to learn as lesson from it!
Well dude continue to post these kinds of comment and be sure i'll pop in to read and comment those comments!!