Friday, March 21, 2008

Sentiments mitigées!

Where to start?

Well the wise answer is:

From the begining.

Today was the last day of Teaching and Learning, :'-( sniff sniff!!!. We have the 4 assignments to hand in on the 1st of December 2008.

Many of you might have noticed that the area around the Engineering tower was abnormally busy, the floor was being cleaned (Jet-Washed s'il vous plait, Karcher a la rescousse) and there were potted plants all around.... ELT2 was being 'renovated' or shoud I say 're-vamped'... the reason is that out PM had to attend a function in ther at 16 30 today. The glass panes were getting wiped, the ramp leading to the Engineering Tower was moped several times today.

Jet wash in action!

Please bring in the potted plants people, the ramp must be decorated with plants coming from the UoM farm

They even did some landscaping, and planted a new tree - see the middle of the roung grass thing, there was not tree in the middle this morning, may be it just appeared as the PM was coming!

Everything was ready on time, the frst to arrive was the Deputy PM, escorted by two motards payed by my taxes, and followed by car full of what i call 'door' openers, because the only thing i saw them do was to open the door. The guy opened the door for Mr Deputy PM and the lady opened the door for Deputy PM's wife to get off... Stupid waste of taxpayers' money.

Serrer Ceinture peuple admirable!!! Ou deputy Prime minister pas conne ouver so laporte loto... ok lets give them the benefit of the doubt: May be there was child lock and the doors could not be opened from inside!!! Both were welcome by our Vice-Chancellor!

Then i left to see my students and when i came back, i heard that the PM was already in and all i could see was his car (actually one of his cars) parked next to the ramp.

By the way, there were 5-6 'motards' in all. And two of them went for a coffee in the UoM cafetaria.

Well the reason why I am telling this because all this wasted money could go elsewhere.

To prevent us from using the two following things:

AND to collect water leaking from the roof.

Avis de deces!

Todays Bad news!!!
Around 13 00 today, power went off in my area, nothing serious you might say.... well it is for me:

Do you remember the Vivaldi Dancers, since the powers went off the filter pump could not work and they all died........f%!"£"$ IRREGULAR POWER SUPPLY!!! caused the death of my goldfish!!!

Deces de me 5 poisson rouges agees de 2 mois, aussi connus sous le nom de 'Vivaldi Dancers'. Le convoi mortuaire sortira de leur domicile (l'aquarium de ma chambre) pour aller a la poubelle.

Forget the 'avis de deces', dont you think i would be better off as a reporter than a Lecturer ? Please vote!


Anonymous said...

We seriously need to consider taking in our PM as a student in UoM! Thus, we'd be sure that loads and loads of things get renovated.

If for one visit, the whole place was scrubbed and plants were... planted, then maybe if he visits more... :P

Viccks said...

a la poubelle?? pas enterrE sa??

lecturer or reporter.. haha

didn't actually get the chance of working with you.. but from what i see your labs are not empty.. so students must see something worth coming for :)

reporter.. hehe .. sa banes article la pou zamais pou print sa.. PM ti pou fer disparaite!!

enfin mo enjoy sa bannes genre palab la moi.. cot dimoune critique government hehe.. coz lor MBC its asif navin is the messiah or something..

Anonymous said...

Les Pauvres Petits Poissons...
Mes sinceres sympathies et condoleances a vous:(
Well, i should say that you are very well against the GOVT...
and y should you not be?
Well, the MBC is being ruled by our dear Minister Navin Ramgoolam,
You say any word against the govt, you are fired!!!!
Pa de meritocracy...
Anyways it's really high time to have TV privee just like radio privee!!!
But Sir, you better be lecturer and keep reporting as a pass time, what say???

G@V!N said...

Well , i think i should get some things straight!

I am not for or against any Party, in fact, i am against the abuse/wastage of public funds.

Every single government does take people for granted and they do whatever they want.

If they keep on 'governing' the country as they are, we are heading straight to disaster.

Unless we have the right people in the right positions, we will not prosper as a nation.

Well if i say a word against the government they fire me!!!

I think the PM important things than to fire me, because his Ministers are changing ships (Le course carapate pou change lichien).

Ena tro boucoup roder boutes.

By the way, many people voted on my blog and i would like to thank you all. I was surprised by one 'voter' , he voted for the option whereby I was rubbish as a lecturer, and should try reporting instead.

I thank him for his honesty, but I would have a small request from that voter -

Dear Voter, Please tell me how to organise/improve my lecture to please people you.

I am a perfectionist, though the majority seems pretty pleased, i would like to be able to please at least one more person.

BTW, Thanks Gun for voting, you so 'You fear I could be worse as a reporter!!!' GRHHHH..... Mo pou fer banla coupe to connection ADSL....

Futhermore please, comments are welcome from anyone so as to make the quality of my lecture better and more pleasant.

I believe in the Kaizen Philosophy of Continuous Improvement. So your comments for improvement are welcome!

Kaizen - Source:

Kaizen (改善, Japanese for "change for the better" or "improvement"; the common English usage is "continual improvement")

Anonymous said...

you DEFINITELY SHOULD be a reporter!
frankly, couldn't ever imagine a lecturer "spying" on the PM in that way till i saw that post! haha...
And you're right, the money wasted on all this pampering of the PM could be used elsewhere, at the benefit of "la jeunesse de demain" ... quoi que nous pouvons douter de la jeunesse de demain, apres certains evenements a l'UoM...
and then, maybe if the PM visited UoM more, everything would be "jet-sprayed" more often ....

Anyways...that's what happens when people vote according to caste and religion instead of MERITOCRACY...

~Programming's wife~ :P