Saturday, March 29, 2008

Gavin loses a Nintento Wii tennis competition at Game!

Hi all, I went to uni with the hope of finalising an exam i said I went with hope...

Vote Results (25 voters...not bad!...i hope no one cheated and voted!

I think its clear! The Met Service and the Ministry of Education failed in their functions!!

I believe that the Minister shares responsibility for the death of Laura, because he has the authority to call a day off for students because of any reason...bad weather being one of them! Now is is hiding behind the recommendations/advice of the MET-Service (whose incompetence does not need to be proved!! )

Well got to uni, finalised some stuff, then went to Editions De L'ocean Indien (on top of Cafetaria at UoM), as there were sales there...i bought books on Apache, Linux, BioInformatics..... I hope to get enough courage to read them.

Well then i went for lunch with a couple of my Programming Students, and we chatted a bit. Got back to office,

Then since i was in a spending frenzy...i went to buy a little USB DVB TV receiver, and a little USB HUB coz i am running out of USB ports on the PC at work.

The Receiver!

After that, since 'Liverpool's next player' had a Nintendo Wii Competition at Game, I decided to go n support...Allez Kyan!!!! When i arrived at Game, Avinash n co. were there except that three
contestants did not turn up and they were looking for participants.

The Nintendo Wii Console!

I thought the first prize would be a Wii, so it put my name down...since Kyan did not want to play, his dad replaced him...and there we were....having fun on console playing a TENNIS Game.

We were being so crazy that i was secretly praying that no CSE students were around...they would have said...'guette sa banne grand bénés la'

Avinash v/s Ace-Boy

Avinash and i were having so much fun, we each won our matches (3 sets) and made it to the Semi final, however unfortunately he got beaten. So in the finals, there was me and that other guy. He had an excellent serve, no one really figured out how he could ace the serves.

He aced me a couple of times...but when i served, no one could take a point off me... I was tooo good!!!

He served for the first set and won 40-30, i won the second set 40-0 (i was serving), then in the third set, he aced three times and won.

Nothing really serious you would say...but hey....He was a six year old boy and his name was Yen-Yen.. So i got trashed by a six year old (Happened, i used to get trashed in Need For Speed by my little nephew, he is 7 yr old)!!! But i had sooo much fun!!!!!!

The winner, Yen-Yen, the little Ace-Boy!!!
Congrats little man...well done!

The disappointment was the fact that the first prize was not a Nintendo Wii, but a V360 Motorolla Phone.

When i got home, i installed the DVB Tv Receiver, it took me some time, but i works...i can watch the TNT channels on my PC.

p.s. The guy doing the commetaries on the match was talking french so badly that i am sure Moliere, Baudelaire, and their friends wanted to come out of there graves to slap him and give him french Lessons....

La concours, Telephone avec un camera equippé (pas integré la hien equippé line dire).... those were just a few of his master-piece!!!


Anonymous said...


Some info: Where did you buy the TV receiver? Is it any good? And do you need to connect an outdoor aerial to it?

Thanks, Jimbo

G@V!N said...

Hi Jimbo,
I got from ACD computers at around Rs 1750. It is a TV 7100 DVB-Tv Receiver.

It includes a little aerial which in my case works fine...i live in Highlands, and from my window, i can see the transmitter at Malherbes... But you can also connect it to an external aerial if you want, but that depends on the region you live!.
I personally find the quality good using the indoor antenna!

The Basic System Reqs are:
Pentium 4 2.0 GHz, minimum 512 RAM
Windows XP SP2...I will connect it on my Laptop n see if it works with Linux..
Graphics Cards supporing DirectX 9.0
Ac97 Compatible sound card.
Well...a USB port and a CD-Rom Drive!

I will put a picture of it in my next posting! you also have a little remote control...its wicked!!! Only that some of the channels on TNT are crap!!!

Anonymous said...

crap is probably an understatement.XD

Anonymous said...

hehe .. big gamer i see!! :)

Wii is really fun and the new PES on wii seems really nice.. and i think i'll get one soon..

A modified wii costs around 17k in Mauritius, i'll try to find some bargain in malaysie or dubai..
maybe around (6K lol)

interested in Age of empires?? we often have LAN games..