Monday, March 3, 2008

Goldfish on Vivaldi!!!

Hi all, had loads of work today and we had that poster thing for CSE to get out of the way, plus the preparation of test papers has started... p commence chauffer la!!! Before i couls realise - it was 14 00 and i did not have my lunch yet. Went to cafetaria, and found nothing else than CHOLESTEROL and tea. Well, beggars cannot be choosers!! Had about Rs 10 worth of Choloesterol and had a YOP - as you might have guessed... it was a Yop Rumba!

Then got back home and bought some goldfish on the way....
Question : How long will they survive?
Answer: God knows!

Had to wash the little aquarium and check if the pump was working - luckily it was!!! Pheew!!

They look happy and alive, as per the video below:

Well i heard our Minister of Arts and Culture on the Radio today, he was talking about independence and cracked a 'joke' of the sort : 'Quand banne indiens ti sorte dans l'Inde, zotte ine emmene zot culture'..

Cher Monsieur le Ministre, b si Indien pas sorti dans L' Inde, cotte zotte pou sorti? L'Afrique

Well already 40 years, and we could have developed more i am sure, if we had more competent leaders! (Notice the subtlety of the words - should our leaders be more competent, or should we have a greater number of leaders who are competent. Choose your own interpretation!!!)

We all claim to be patriots - this reminds me of a posting of a friend of mine on his blog, and the posting had those wonderful words:

“Patriotism is when you do your best to succeed in whatever field you are. It has nothing to do with holding the flag of your country and singing glorious songs.”

However, many of us are just holding the flag and singing Glory to Thee..., and the Chinese Governement has given 200 000 flags - so my dear singing flag holders enjoy yourselves!!, and enjoy yourselves with the Rs 10 ,000, 000 budgeted for the celebrations, I have heard that there will be fireworks and stuff - our country has so much money that they will waste it in fire and smoke!!!

Anyways!!! No more comments.

All revise zotte Glo -o-o ry to Thee!!! Motherland of motherland of mine.....

Motherland p vine pou etranger -so we need to come up with a new National Anthem. I got the first few line already:

Glo-o-o-ry to thee,

Motherland of motherland of theirs (it belongs to the foreign inverstors)

Sweet WAS thy beauty, sweet WAS thy Fragrance, (now its a concrete jungle with smoke and dust)

Around thee we gatherED,

As one people, as one nation in FEAR, INJUSTICE and MISERY

Beloved country may God SAVE US, for ever and ever!

Your comments are welcome!!!

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Anonymous said...

Glory to thee, Motherland,
Oh, you’re no longer mine,
Sweet is thy hilarity ( the fact that Mauritius is laughable at, since it’s the Paradise Island, and nothing is Paradise here),
Sweet isn’t thy fragrant smell,
Around thee we shattered,
As one people,
As one nation,
In war, injustice and political dependence,
Beloved country, may God salve thee (save from ruin, harm & destruction,
Fair is foul, foul is fair(Macbeth),
For ever & ever.