Saturday, February 9, 2008

'Mine frire, Bouillon Meefoon & Chips '

For those of you who are used to reading through my facebook, well you were aware that last week there was that episode whereby the 'Girl in the Orange top' said 'Bonjour Monsieur!' to me but I could not figure out who the girl was, well i finally managed to remember.... i bet you lot are hoping that i will tell you. But as crafty as i am, i won't.

Today I did around two hours of revision, and there were about 60 students.... I hope they did not waste their time. Then met 2 of my ex-HRM students and went to Cafetaria till 13:26 when Anwar called. since we were meant to go for lunch. 'Plan ti supposer Mine bouillie cari Gros pois', but we ended up going to Quatre-Bornes, just to realise that lotus was closed- Chinese New year. So we ended up at Jango's 'Mine frire, Bouillon Meefoon & Chips '.

Then back to home and set the resolution to work on Scheme, but i left Dr. Scheme in the office.....Believe me! i really need Memogen!!!
Looking forward to the Sunday ahead.


Anonymous said... pa koner ki ena n baz apel Ajay hihihi..Si to ena doute to ena mo num man..cheers ;P

Anonymous said...

You forgot to bring DrScheme home?!? That's very bad for your health :-)

Seriously, congrats for starting a blog. I'm sure you'll have lots of fun.

Anonymous said...

lol! mine bouillie cari gros pois?? hmmmmm...

G@V!N said...

I know it sound weird and funny.... 'Mine Bouillie Cari Gros Pois' and its something you will not find listed on Sun-Resorts' or Club-Med's Menu .... but it's well worth the try!!!

coldplaygurl said...

Mine bouillie cari gros poid..heard its really zamais in gagne loccasion try it!!lol