Thursday, April 10, 2008

UoM students help the victims of the torrential rains

Hi All,

Hope you had a wicked day dear readers!

Some of you might wonder about the poll, well why the subject?

I was reading the papers on Sunday and there was an interview of SOMEONE on L'Express Samedi of the 5th April, that SOMEONE said: 'Je ne me laisserai pas dicter par la rue'.

I have a question: 'Serait-ce que la voix de la rue n'est pas importante car il n'y a que leurs voies qui comptent?'

Well the question on my poll was: 'Do you believe that La voix de la rue est la voix du peuple? '

If you equated 'Voix de la rue = voix du peuple' (as i did), an coupled with a quote from Alcuin (Charlemagne's lead advisor on eclessiatical and educational affairs): , i.e. Vox Populi Vox Dei

By Transitivity, the 'Voix de la rue would have been the voice of God '....I'll not get that far not to be accused of blasphemy!

Nec audiendi qui solent dicere, Vox populi, vox Dei, quum tumultuositas vulgi semper insaniae proxima sit

Which when transliterated to English gives:

those people should not be listened to who keep saying the voice of the people is the voice of God, since the riotousness of the crowd is always very close to madness

Which can be true because the behaviour of someone in a group is different from that same person in isolation!

Well, in our country, people are by nature quiet except when a major thing happens, i.e. mainly when lives are wasted/lost ? Then you have something which ressembles a micro-riot, whereby people express themselves in what i believe is 'La voix de la rue'.

We have to differentiate between 'LA voix de la rue' and 'UNE voix dans la rue'.

Is it that what 'the people' think does not matter?

Vox Populi, Vox Dei = The voice of the people is the voice of God.

I think Vox Populi sounds fainter than the Vox Consuasor (voice of the advisor) to someone's ears. Based on the poll results, it seems that: 'Le voix de la rues n'est pas celle du peuple'.

Well I have a question for you....'Qui sont-ceux qui s'expriments dans la rue alors?' Awaiting your comments!

We are lucky to be in a democratic country, i.e. we can express ourselves freely and openly...but what use is that if we are never listened to?

Everyone has witnessed the demonstrations to boycott the route of the Olympic Torch in Paris because of the 'embargo one free speech' in China. In the Chinese news, the fact that there was a demonstration against China's policy was not mentionned in any news report in China???

As the coverage for the path of the Olympic Torch, we had a picture of the torch next to a picture of the Eiffel Tower.

Call that censoring!

OK! Lets stop it there! Just in case my blog is censored! lol!!!!

7 packets gaufrettes, 4 packets biscuits cabin and 2 gros sachets du thé! This was our little contribution for the victims of last weeks torrential rains. (All these were bought from Jame's and the Cooperative, which are two shops which are not far from uni)

I would like to first thank my friends (Spiderman, Bahamas 1908, Avi, Christina and me) for contributing and congratulate the students of UoM (inlcuding Zoro Jackpot, Tigroo and Coldplay) who put up this initiative!

The black part is the head of one of my friends who preferred remaining anonymous because she claims not to look good enough on the pic!

I finished correcting another batch of Programming papers! Pheew!

Only three more batches left! Finally i got someone who scored 100% in the test!!! So ...there is hope!

I would like to invite all readers who have a different opinion (on any posting) to comment and then we will discuss... Previous readers who have commented are aware that all comments are published within 12 hours! So no censoring happens here! So feel free to voice out!!!


Anonymous said...

well good initiative

maybe i could have contributed if i knew.
lol i think these last few weeks, its been lectures, projectlab and straight home for me..

for the scripts good luck also don't forget exam scripts are coming soon mwahahaha

btw a personal question, whats the worst thing about being a lecturer at uom :)

G@V!N said...

Worst thing about being a lecturer at UoM .....

May be the worst thing is that many students do not like their programmes, and the majority lack
the passion.

I personally think that i do my job pretty well. I hope the students realise that its a tough world out there, and only the best survive!

As a student what do you think can be improved?

Anonymous said...

well i agree students tend to think that once they get their degree, work will come by itself..

interaction with ex uom students can be nice.. young graduates currently in their first year of work can tell them what is it like on the job market.. or maybe as i said lecturers sharing how they lived though their first job. its really fascinating for students.. try it ;)

Many students think that well, doing cse and they'll get a job in ebene earn about 25K etc.. get a car.. get married have 2 little kids lol

but remember "Anything worth having doesn't come easy"

students must realise that every year around 150 students graduate from uom (cse and IS)+ those from UTM DCDM.. so the IT workforce keeps increasing but y would a company choose you among 500 fresh graduates?? what do you have more than others?

also they must realise that programming will be most probably their "gagne pain" and they will be infront of a screen for 8 hours per day writing codes.. so if you don't like what you are doing, you'll definitely won't like your job :P

G@V!N said...

As i have always the world of work...only the best survive!

Well... I would like to advise those dreaming about the 25k salary and the 2 wives and 1 kid that this is possible...whoops! i meant 1 wife and 2 kids!

To get that much money in the first job as a fresh graduate is not impossible...but it will take a lot of work and that 'il faudra faire ses preuves'.

One of the advantages of IT companie is that the workforce is rather young...When i was at Accenture, apart from the Project Manager, no one was aged more than 30 and we would all go out for lunch together, after work, we used to go out for diner and stuff!!! It is fun and these also kind of strengthened the team spirit, as we got to know each other outside work.

I will keep my little work experience for my last lecture, I have enjoyed most of them companies i have worked for.

I have started working part time since i was 19 (teaching C++ Programming in a computer centre)and it has been enjoyable! I have come across different corporate cultures and i believe that getting exposed to different cultures do help greatly in the personal development!

In some companies, it was not weird for the ask the boss to bring you a coffee from the dispenser or at times he would just come round for a random chat about a movie....

Big companies sometimes promote a first name culture and open-plan offices, or open-door-policies just to ensure that people are less isolated and can communicate informally!

I just wish that the meritorious graduates quickly get employed! and have fun!

Anonymous said...

Waooo! 100% in test!

Big congrats to that person! :P

[...]I personally think that i do my job pretty well.

I second that.

Btw, I found an interesting pic:


Check it out... I wonder when our lecture theatres will be like that!

Anon :)