Tuesday, April 29, 2008

After Soooo Long!!!

Hi all, i know its been a long time!!! I missed you too!!!

Well I finally managed to get my Biometric Reader last week and there was kind of a little problem with the payment...the accidentally charged my credit card for $ 562 when in fact i manged to strike a deal off them at $ 312...luckily they rectified that mishap...and i am having fun through the documentation of the M2-Hamster... it can easily integrate with any SQL compliant database, and uses a template server where all the matching is done before giving access to the Application/Database Server....i am eager to try all these out!!!

During the Programmig lecture on Friday, i showed the students an application of Graphs (as an Abstract Data Structure) in belief mapping... whereby they can identify core beliefs and supportive beliefs. I am sure they do not realise the use of this, and they will probably never put that tool into practice...but it helped me at times.

The topic of my programming lecture was Graphs..and i tried to bring as many uses f graphs as possible. Apart from Artificial Intelligence, route finders...another use of graphs is in those social networking services like facebook, where they count number of friends, suggested friends, mutual friends...... anyways...who said programming was not cool!!!

As all weekends...the last one was long, and enjoyable...two of my friends/colleagues got married and we went to have diner at their place. Then on Sunday, I watched a little cultural show for the Tamil new year on TV, the minister of Arts and Comedy.....nearly said that Varusha Pirappu (New year According to the Dravidian Calendar) is the celebration of the Chinese new year!!! What a joker!

Later on, some friends came round for a BBQ...thx Anwar for your BBQ lighting skills....

Admirez l'expert!!! I bet I would still be trying to light up the fire had you not been here...

Dr Scheme happened to get on very well with my dad, and it was enjoyable...except that li pas ti p arrete vide dans mo verre!!!....he knows what i am talking about.. i'd better not reveal!!!

Looks like someone is listening carefully to my dad...or is he getting ready to say something..... Sudha...get your flowers!!! Ene dialog Le Vers Cresson pou lever la! lol

I think the kids have a wonderful time...especially when i told them that football is allowed in my living room!!! (as usual mum had securely put her porcelain vases away!!...just wish she'd put them away forever!!!...lol)

Well i am back to basics.... well Visual Basics actually...got an old book back, SAMs Teaches you Database Programming Using Visual Basics in 24 hours.... y not!!! Best of Luck Sams!!

Just watched the news...Looks like bus fares anre going up again...by 28% next Monday...well i know the price of Petrol has gone up...but i think that the Free bus fare to students is weighing heavier that expected on National Expenditure! So the extra cost is passed directly to us! Could we expect otherwise.....arrete rever camarade!

I find it unprofessional that our MPs get questions before hand and simply have to read in the assembly....any one could do that...even an educated 10 year old...is that 'L'age Cerebral' of our PM??? lol...Looks like he needs some training on Nintendo DS using Brain Training by this famours Japanese Doc. (Dr Kawashima if i am not mistaken)!!!

While he was READING ALOUD.... someone else behind him was reading a magazine in silence.. Looks like the Responsable de Communication du PTR is in dire need of education! But how can that be..that person was the minister of education some time back!


Well as always....feel free to comment!


Anonymous said...

Hi! I liked the lecture on graphs was really fun :)
And concerning the use of graphs right now im using them only in facebook(clear concept here) and in maths modules(concept unclear why i should bother so much about theses graphs :P) lol kidding
Its really amazing to see with such a basic concept(graphs we did in class) how much advanced we can get such as GPS, facebooking network(proud member of :P) and many other things that we have yet to discover.
I wonder if we can link graphs with what the lecturers are going to ask in exams :P that would be a nice application of graphs lol

Waiting for friday's class impatiently :)


Anonymous said...

[...]I am sure they do not realise the use of this, and they will probably never put that tool into practice...but it helped me at times.

I still don't get that! I'm clueless when it comes to the mind-workings! :D

Anyways, graphs were fun, but I thought we'd be coding something that could find the shortest path automatically, or similar, not just adding and removing "nodes". (I call everything "nodes"!)

Reminds me of one programming-challenge question about a skier where you had to use graphs to find shortest path. Might be fun to try that during holidays.

So long, Mr. Sathan! Had a good time in your class, being most interactive and fun to follow. Now... on to exams! :)

Ps. If you put a post about "Programming Methodology Exam Tips", I bet you will see your traffic meters overflow. :)