Monday, April 14, 2008

The stare.

There she sat on this old dusty bench. In five years, she had taken the toll of ten. Sitting on this dusty bench she was indifferent to the persons running around on this busy Monday morning. Lonely in this mad crowd, now and then she would lift her head to reveal those eyes ravaged by this blank stare. It surprised me how eyes, without any expression, could express so much by expressing nothing. .

Her radiance had faded and next to her was a man holding a white plastic bag which was transparent and I could see a little box of powdered milk.

She seemed to be asking herself how she got where she was. In her early twenties, she was writing or had already written the last chapter of her life and sound asleep in her arms was a baby, ignorant of the turmoil haunting her mother. If I could ask the baby a question, it would be: ‘How is someone who is lost, help you find your way through life?’


Anonymous said...

I've just watched an episode of afterlife for the first time in my life and it has left me quite disturbed...then i came across this post...a bit weird compared to your usual posts but i must say that it has forced me to think about something other than the coming test and exams(*shudders*)...and this actually feels nice:)

Our last lecture(graphs) today was good although i was late(Mr. Dhookit made us watch his movie, "The red car", which was a bit strange a mon gout but very interesting indeed!).

And yes i would like to say a big "thank you" to you because you have been helping all of us since the beginning of the semester: explaining concepts over and over again even if it was so easy sometimes that we all seemed to be dumb :D, having revision classes, and last but not the least, the essential 5 mins-break every Friday during our programming lectures!hahaha!:D
Thank you Sir!

G@V!N said...

Well, I was just doing my job and i did pretty well i should say.

I am only waiting for comments and criticism to improve!

I just hope that i managed to kick in some programming logic in your brains!

No need to worry about the exams! If you worked through the semester regularly, there is no reason why your performance would not reflect that!

Mr Dhookit is a very wise person.... I was his student too and his lectures were the only ones i never bunked! And i mean NEVER! He is so patient in explaining his topics and i enjoyed very single lecture of his which i attended!

I found him very inspiring and passionate about his field!

God Bless him!

Do not worry about exams!

BTW, i know this post is different it just because i am describing something without emotions of my own!