Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Long Tiring Week-end!

Hi All,

Poll Results!!! I was expecting more honesty, how come no one came to uni to have fun! :-P

Well, its been a while since i last posted something, the reason being that i was terribly busy!

I managed to finish my exam papers today and handed them for moderation.... I am still left with loads of scripts to correct.

Well on Friday, i invigilated for Avinash's Test...It was soo cool! The paper was probably one of the best i saw...a proper paper for Uni students. The questions are a bit like those in Programming with Pearls....It takes a very good understanding of the logic to implement the solution smartly. Anyways!!!!

On Saturday, i was quite busy! And i had a party to go to at night!!! Had a wicked time...as i always do at parties!

However, the best day was Sunday...my SBM mates organised an outing to Plaine-Champagnes, and Le-Mornes, and it gave me the opportunity to meet those old folks (they are young however!) The whole Ops Team from Level 4 was there as well as SBM support, and my dear 'Kaspikan'! Elle se reconnaitra!

When we arrived at Plaine- Champagne, we all rushed to the trees bu twe had to venture quite far in the forest to get the 'Goyaves de Chine', one of the girls got stung by a wasp!!! Poor Wasp!

I managed to get a couple of goyaves and that was enough to satisfy me!

We all got in the bus and headed to Le Morne! The 'ambiance' the bus was very cool!

Though it was hot inside the bus we were well-equipped with 'Cans of the Mythic bird' and

The view was wicked! Have a look at the pictures below: My Nikon 4600 is amazing:

We were singing and teasing (no need to tell who was leading!!!) Then when we got there! As usual. i watched Montagne Le Morne and thought about the slaves, i even sang Sega Le Morne in the bus (its my favourite).
Then we had lunch, drank coconut water and headed home!!! I was tired!

On Sunday, the Programme La mer organised by the some Uni Colleagues was cool! Except that (a usual) only (some of) the youngest members (Avi n co., Bahamas 1908, Pascal, Spiderman and Raj.....i am preserving their anonymity...lol!!!) were there, may be we should add a clause in the invitation (Avi, you know which one i am talking about..)

I bought a brand new Volleyball and while playing on the beach, i accidentally hit an old lady on the head (i hope this would put her ideas in place!) the ball ended up in tents, near people... I think people are safer when we are in our offices behind our laptops and PCs.
The we played UNO and dominos and knocked out some 'Cold cans of the mythic bird' 'La Chaleur Oblige'. The consequence was that we had to go to the toilet...well i was shocked!

I wonder what idiot wrote this down....he has made a 'faute d'orthographe': Les contravenant seront traduit en justice.

If he did French till CPE and passed, he would have realised that he should have written: Les contravenant seront traduits en justice. Lets just call that erreur de frappe: this term is trendy these days!

Anyways, the dialog of the day!

'Anou all boire ene la biere cotte Ya-Oune'...Slip of the tongue, isn't it Avi, ki zaffer ine cause sa hein???

We then went to Raj's place for a 'visite de courtoisie', had a long and interesting chat with Spiderman n co! lol...

Avinash and I decided that we should give the Nobel Prize (thx mandela!) to the guy who invented/discovered the 'Mythic Bird'.....he should be given the G.O.S.K title, i think he deserves it more than many other ppl who already have this 'badge'.

Then went home, and when i woke up this morning, check the view!

Then got ready and off i went to work!
I gave the students a lovely assignment today!!! Simulation of Harbour Traffic using queues! I hope they enjoy it! Let's make them use their brains a bit more.


Anonymous said...

faute de frappe :Noble Prize

G@V!N said...

Thx Mandela..Changes made!!!
Genuine Erreur de frappe...cos there was 'a frappe'!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow first of all the Nikon 4600 is just wow!! the fotoz are really marvelous.. lol wished was part of that tour ein lol.. better next time haha jst kidding..
ahh pauvre fifille wasp inn pique li.. hope there was first aid kit with you guys :)