Saturday, May 24, 2008

Two angels get called back!

Hello dear readers,

Poll Results:

I know that some of you were craving for a posting. And I do agree that there hasn't been any for the last week or so! Well reason being my laptop broke down again and till yesterday, i was without one. The guy at LCI kindly agreed to give me a laptop on loan it is a G-Max, nothing compared to my Toshiba A-200, but it is still better than nothing.

Well those who are close to me know my favourite saying: 'Live every single day as if its your last day on earth'. Well i am saying this as a piece of advice to you all because you never know when you will die or when someone dear to your hear will.Two of the persons i know/knew passed away on Thursday, and i need to get used to not seeing them.

One of them was a girl,she was such a young, lively, and ever smiling person, that I am yet to accept that she is not gonna be seen anymore.

The other one is a guy, who was my friend since 1997, we had loads of fun and we was someone whom i really appreciated. He was always to the point, and lived every single day fully. Whenever had difficulties but he always surmounted them and he was a source of inspiration when it came to dedication and determination with regards to things he loved. . He was a very good person and a great guitar player. I will miss him. Though we have always met haphazardly at parties, and stuff or just on the roadside, it was always great to talk to him.

God Bless you my fallen angels. When you fell from the heavens we wanted you to stay, but unfortunately He called you back!

I cannot even imagine how hard it must be for the parents. But then I realised that they need good people in Heaven too. I am sure that people will tell them that they have to be strong and take care of themselves, and the others...when you are in this situation, I am sure that these are only words. I will only pray that God gives them courage to live through this extremely hard phase.

That is why it gets me on my nerves when people are mean and hurt others for no reason. When you are faced with this situation, you are just wonder about life...
What is life?

If without life, a body is a corpse, then life is everything that allows a body to do things that a corpse cannot, like talking, smiling, comforting, and.... For one second i wondered yesterday, This 'life' is so ethereal, you cannot see it, feel it or anything, but you can see its manifestation. We sure can try to 'define life' using scientific explanation... but IMHO, it is more subtle, or even magical. You can only feel it.

Life, just like Love....Life when you see the person u truly love and for a fraction of a second you miss a breath and you get the feeling that your heart has stopped beating for a microsecond, before it starts to beat faster. If this has never happened to you, then you have missed something essential!

Life is so complex to understand, that i only try to understand some of its philosophies. I personally take every day as a 'lifetime', I am born when i wake and die when i go to sleep at night, and i try to help as many people as I can throughout the day, (it's for good Karma...or so i heard..I do not want to be cockroach in my 'next life' Hihihi..being a human is hard enough!!!)

Anyways, now i know that some of us have an extra angel watching over us.

Well many of you might have seen the video below, from the Website of Le Défi

Well i believe that at times it really happens that students really behave as mannerless brats...unfortunately their parents still perceive them as 'babies'. Are we creating 'des Enfants Roi' termed by Francoise Dolto (you might not know who she was the mother of Carlos, the French singer who passed away lately).

This reminds me of an article I read ages ago on L'Express France, about how children should be seen, I would strongly advise you to have a look .

I belong to a generation whereby corporal punishment was not legal but kind of acceptable, if the teacher slapped, it was for a reason, and I was (probably still am)not an easy not, and i remeber the one slap I got once which changed everything, and I am thankful to the teacher for that one slap!

We have to bear in mind that the average students spend more time at school or college than at home, so i believe that it is at School that there is more potential to shape OR Re-Shape his personality. The respect students have is no way near as it used to be. With students not respecting their schools/ colleges as institutions, where are we heading. Will they ever respect members of the society.

Its just unfair that only one student got slapped in the video, because actually the one using his mobile phone in class should have got his share too... Because i am sure that mobiles are not allows in class....'Quel manque de respect envers l'authorité?'

A simple example would be those idiots listening to music on a really high volume in the bus or in public places without any consideration for others. These idiots should ask Father Christmas for 'B100DY Earphones'. The wearing of uniforms should be really enforced and with little of no variants. Furthermore, to me it seems that some people believe that evolution process did not provide them with enough 'holes' or orifice (or....... but i dare not say) so they make some more with piercings ...... well i am not against that but i think that the regulations in schools should be enforced. Well as an excuse they may say that it's fashionable...kindly allow me to tell that that fashion evoles, so what will they do when piercings are not fashionable anymore .... 'acheter mastik pou bouche trou'!!! Anyways... Pas moi ki bizin fer lecon a nous banne dirigeants!

Well I was pleasantly surprised yesterday, the roads not far from where i live are being resurfaced...i found it weird coz the National elections are due in about two years time....but then i happened to learn that the PM will be coming round my end next week. See if you need infrastructure in your area, like street lightings, road-resurfacing and pedestrian crossings, its way simple...invite the PM over for a function..and then everything will happen by magic. LOL...Sacré Pays!!!

As usual, comments welcome!...

P.S. It drives me mad and sad when I hear people, who in my opinion are either intellectual dwarfs, or emotionally deprived or plainly immature and dysfunctional take a picture from a blog and forward it to someone else just for the sake of gossiping or start an is just cheap...there is more to life than creating trouble for others... Anyways...a chacun ses plaisirs!!


Ashish said...

I totally agree with you Mr. Gavin that, students nowadays no longer respect elders, and u witness that everyday. To give an example, u hardly see any youngster who voluntarily give their seat to elders in the bus, and the reason for that(according to those youngster) -"Mais vieux dimoune la voyage gratuit non". But then are you guys paying???? According to me, its their parent who must be blamed. Though as u mentioned, a student spend most of his/her time at school. While i was at school(some 5 years ago), there used to be some kind of talks on how to behave in society. The sad thing is that, almost all student - as we say in creole - "avoye ferfoute" on such things. How can u expect someone to listen to you, if he/she is not listening to their parents?? . I think educating parents on how to develop their child is also important. Thats why, every parents should adopt strict measures( u need to have some balance though) right from the beginning itself. Its sad, mais boku parent pa tire le temp pu zote zenfan?? In this case, u cannot expect a child to have a proper development huh.. i stress on communication. Mom always tell me - "always do those work that makes you earn some respect among others".

Concerning this video, if you show this to anyone, i bet they will reach a conclusion like - "truver professer pe bate zenfan dan klas".Why is that so? You have already state it - "we still perceive those children as 'babies'. Come on guys, change zote facon penser.

May God bless the angel's soul.

Chaya said...

hehe, u've been quick with the posting.
There are nice things which I have learnt here, will elaborate on my post tomorrow, since i'm going out now and will be back tomorrow.

But, for the poll question:
I GUESS, that it should be modified or broken down in 2 parts; the question goes:

Is Corporal Punishments really such a bad thing, or might it help?

I think it shud be :

1) Is corporal punishment really such a bad thing? (yes/no)

2) Or it might help? (yes/no)

Because if I say yes to the current question as it is, it might imply that:yes, corporal punishment is really such a bad and at the same time mean yes, it might help.

But it's simply my opinion, i may be wrong. no offense please.


A demin

G@V!N said...

Hi all thanks for your comments!

There are many of our students who need a good correction! May be i will bring a whip to lecture theater next

Yes Chaya, thanks for your comment and suggestion. However, the question is set purposely! The only difference now, compared to when I was at school, is that now children are pampered. In the 90's there were many posters saying 'Malheur a celui qui blesse un enfant'...looks like this resulted in 'Le malheur de l'enfant as well'.

At times i think of something...and it goes as follows: Evolution gave all of us a brain, unfortunately it did not give all of us the User Manual....

Seeing the behaviour, and reaction of some youngsters nowadays, i really wonder: If they use their brains, or worse, If they have a brain?

Many parents leave the education of their kids to the television, the playstation and the teacher!!! Ou va le monde?

Anonymous said...

well i hear many elders say "bannes zenfants zordi zour pas facile".. i think in a way that its the elders who failed somewhere..

don't forget that being parents its not just feeding your kid, and buying him/her gifts for xmas, its a huge responsibility and many people are not prepared to handle that.

i really think that if youngsters have gone "out of control".. its mainly because of grown ups not really living up to their responsibilities..

about teacher and student relationship, well, being a student myself, i would like to say not everyone is cut out to pe a teacher, one might be a great student and with all good grades but that doesn't mean he or she will make good teacher material..

i believe that there is still hope pou banens zene maurice, ziste bizin ene bon encadrement, boucou plis volonT pou changement,also people should be taught parenting skills, et every academic should i believe be ready to go an extra mile for the students.

during my cse course, many people told me, "if you are here just to get a job in the cybercity and if you don't like the field, you won't go far" in a way its true

i think the same applies for teachers and any other occupations..

if you guys are there just for the end of month checks and if you don't really like the job and don't like working with kids, well you won't go far..


these problems don't really apply in the uom context :)

also sorry for your lost
Good people never pass away, they live in our hearts..

Anonymous said...

Hi long time have not posted

Concerning the video since i was not there i cannot say who is write or who is wrong
But for corporal punishment i can tell that at times it is needed to "educate" some of the students that are present in class. Agreed it is not good to hit a "child" but does that mean that they should have no respect and do as they wish just because they are "children"
I think there should be some discussion in order to know how to educate the children

And again parents should take responsibilities
Sorry du langage but there are times kot bizin dir la veriT crument :)
There are too many parents who just think bon professer pu eduque piti la... sorry but thats not how it should be done. Education(i dont mean academic only right now, i mean every aspects) should start at home and continue at school and not start at school


Chaya said...

Here comes a proper comment:

Hmm as I said, do some warding off of evil eyes, lol! bane soy la pu aller, lol :P

Well, i totally agree with you that when faced with the situation like the death of someone close to you, words like "be strong or take care" are simply mere words and hardly mean anything, but believe me sometimes it does give you some strength! I have witnessed and gone through such situations, words of moral support and encouragement to help at times.

Life is God-given gift, we should enjoy life to the maximum we can, and take care of our life delicately. Sorrows and happiness come and go, but this life will never come back. I know someone who is counting down her days, but she says she wn't die so quickly, and takes life positively with the help and moral support of her closed ones. She thanks God for every new morning and is grateful to have spent that day without any trouble or difficulty.

I believe that life is short and that one should try to do as much as he/she can and dreams of doing.
I also believe in the below philosphies of life:
--Mistakes are the stepping stones to mastery.
--Self-confidence and esteem.
--Perfection is customisable.
--Disappointment in oneself stems only from the knowledge that we can do better.
--Sacrifice vanity and ego.
--There is no one else in the world who knows everything that you know.
--Last but not least, for every one day you regret,there are always 100 more to be thankful for.

As concerns the video, it tends to be misleading. I read several versions of the articles about this,in Le Defi, l'express samedi, 5-Plus among others, and they were so confusing. I came across this sentence in le Defi which i'll quote: "L'enseignant doit respecter les droits de l'enfant.", smth like that! how mean!!! But then what about the teachers' rights, do they not have any rights for them...I remember my primary school teacher slapping students, but it was really worth it those days, since parents did not interfere. But nowadays, students are so pampared by their parents, that they do not have any manners nor respect for teachers as well as elders.

But i believe that the education of a child starts from home from his parents, and i feel that parents are going wrong by not giving adequate time to their children. I also think that a child-parent relationship should be more like a friendship relationship,and like this there'll be more effective communication between them and thus the child will grow up in a better citizen.

Hmm, rien n'est drole as concerns the resurfacing of roads when the dear PM is coming around. At my place, they put street lightings, but those bulbs instead of providing lights on the streets, are giving lights to my house, wow, enmerdant en tou cas, kuma dir mank l'eclairage dan mo lakaz! lol.... we are tired telling the concerned authorities to move that lamp post! phew!!!

I think i've bored you all now.
so i'll pen off here itself.


G@V!N said...

Well Vicks, i tend to tell the students to always go for the things they like!

I believe that by now you are all old enough to choose your own careed path.

Luckily i had the chance and privilege to choose what i like!

I know that most (if not all) of us are doing the job we do coz we really enjoy it. I wake up with a smile every weekday when I have to go to work.

As one of my colleagues one said, our job is to inspire...I believe that university students should also anyalyse and think laterally not only in depth. Thats true intellectual maturity....

So forget abt learning things by heart...ur boss will not come and ask you to define or describe something...yet you have to know concept and apply them!

But i guess you have realised that!

Anonymous said...


Hi gavin, well u posting after a long time and i am posting a comment after a long time too, what a coincidence lol..
well am really sorry about your two friends.. i know what it is to lose someone who is so close to you, and you have to put in ur mind that tomorow u will not see them... 12 years ago i was in this situation ( Love You DAD)...

And for the corporal punishment( mo esperer coumsa meme dire sa ein lol) it should have made it acceptable as in the past..
As you gavin, i also got corrected after some bon coup de slaps and ofcourse the famous rotin bazar. if this would not have been the case well you could have seen me dans enn coin de shop entrain de batter un pti grog...
well its really a pity to see all those youth loading them with metals( piercings ) as if they are going on a war..pff its also a pity where many youth nowadays are really crossing the limits...
nowadays if a teacher shouts at a student, lol the student put a case in the court against the teacher itself... welcome to the new generation my friends..

well en passant i have an uncle working in the education sector...
once he made a student agenou.
and when the mother of the student turned up my uncle thought that the lady would tell him, good for you naughty brat, u deserved to be agenou.. well that was just a dream... the lady instead told my uncle " ki ou ggner ou met mo garcon agenou?? gars a ou, si ou remet mo garcon agenou lor marble, so genou pou ggne fraicheur.. lol"
once again New Generation mothers and children.... lol

well time to go now.. keep it up gavin, these kind of posting i really what shake the people mind, making them think...
and this is what make me come back and back to read ur posting...keep it up!! :-)