Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Pro-Active or Over-Reactive!

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Yesterday, i accidentally watched local news..they were fighting..sorry arguing - or probably discussing about the importation of 'Du riz Ration' from India.

To me this is a useless debates because many people do not really consume it('Du riz Ration'...I would like to thank my newly appointed Editor, Tantine Polo, for this clarification. ....)..may be we should look for other sources of import for rice if we really want to find a solution to the predicted shortage of rice. And what annoyed me was the fact that once more the speaker (who rarely speaks) was nearly sleeping while many Assembly members were chatting and reading (some aloud).

Mr Speaker Sir, I have a suggestion. It would be appreciated if the Honourable Members of the House could post their questions and answers on a website and we could all read...its is annoying to look at someone read...because i can do that too...and on top of that, on TV, there are loads of censoring happening.....sorry may be i should have said montage or editing.

May be the members of assembly should be introduced to blogging....this would facilitate the proceedings of the assembly. Many ministers have no clue about their 'dossiers', and any one with the intent to asking a question will need to send the question(s) beforehand, and the minister would have an adviser or P.S. prepare an answer. The Minister would then simply read it aloud.

Does someone need special abilities to read aloud....?
I tend to think 'No', so do we need Readers in the Assembly...i tend to think 'No' why are my taxes wasted then.......

If ministers were good enough why not have debated like in the House of Parliament of the UK, whereby anyone can ask any question at any time to anyone in the house.... And on top of that the whole debated would be broadcast on TV...

Beacoup seront prets a sacrifier Tulsi, Sindoor, Luna et ... pour voir ce qui se passe dans le parlement.

Some answers to questions asked were like 'Quand mo ti la mo ti fer sa, et to ti dire sa....Quand to ti la to fer pire... bla bla bla'..... worse than kids fighting for a sweet, or toy!

Well today we were meant to have torrential rains and thunderstorms... So based on these forecasts, our Minister of Education decided to close the schools early to avoid the happenings of the 26th March 2008... Very wise, except that as usual..Meteo ine Faner! We have recorded only 74 mm of rainfall ...way far from the '100 mm' . 26mm difference and the schools were closed, and last time...because of a couple of millimetres..students went to school and lives were lost....Someone found a logic in that?

There is no logic in that. Then the other decision about allowing civil servants to get home early because of the rain and power much does a decision like this cost?

Let me tell you then: Several millions of Rupees. Our third world....sorry our 'developing' country cannot afford that!

Well due to the forecast bad weather afternoon exam sessions we canceled, and we had to get home. Imagine all UoM students + all civil servants trying to get back home at roughly the same time... So bad...may be we should work on a 'plan d'évacuation d'urgence' because right now our transport system sucks! Traffic Jams ......

This situation also allowed us to witness something: Some Bus Operators (according to the radio 'Certains Operateurs Individuels') were refusing to pickup students, whilst some others were asking for cash fares off the students.... This is so dis-honest! Hopefully the Authorities will do something about it...Mais ne dit-on pas que l'exemple vient d'en haut?

Seeing the situation on the bus-stops, some students and I decided to walk to Rose-Hill from where it would be easier for us to get a bus...what a walk that was..we had a lovely time chatting, and joking around.

We all reached home safely, this picture was taken on top of a bridge between Reduit and Ebene - it was a shortcut which got to Rose-Hill quicker. We all managed to get home safely (as most of them are currently online on MSN).

Unless we review or issue a Plan D'evacuation D'urgence, the next time a natural calamity strikes or a wrong forecast by the Met Services (though this seems more likely :-)) is issued we will face major problems in getting people from their workplace back home or vie-versa.

Our Mobile networks ware jammed as people were worried and were trying to find out how their dear ones were and how they were doing. Messages and calls were not going through. Welcome to the Cyber Island!

Well lets get to something else:
Today was the programming paper...lovely paper I'm tempted to say but, some found it hard. The exams were a little bit troubled by one or two little power failures, but on the whole it went on fine...can't wait to finish correcting now (I have not yet started this process by the way!)

I know some students tend to be creative in exams lets see what masterpiece they come up with. The funniest one i came across once was that the refresh rate of a monitor is : 'A special mechanism which the cools down the monitor and prevents from overheating'.

Well..we'll see this time!

I will also request you to pray for the families in China who have lost a dear one.

What shocked me was the fact that the Chinese Prime minister is not opening China's frontier's to foreign aid...its either because of National Pride or sheer stupidity...I think all help might be useful, and this is fuelling controversies about China and the Olympic games...but that will be for some other

Spent some time discussing with someone, X, today about whether or not it is ethical to put some other person's lecture notes on one personal website....I strongly disagree unless prior permission has been obtained. This constitutes an infringement of copyright. But X said that knowledge is universal..which i agree, but deep linking a url in a webpage is not nice, and not legal either. Nor is the downloading of lecture notes/resources , harbouring it in one's personal server and providing a link to that resource from one's website. Come on Mr X, respect the work of least ask them, i would personally not refuse...but hw many wouldn't..... unless you ask, you'll never know!

Hopefully with the heavy rain, the price of vegetables will not increase to much as a sharp rise in the price of vegetables like carrots will not be easily bearable!

As usual comments are welcome.



Anonymous said...

puisque c'est d'actualiT...i will start with today's "torrential" rains...thank you for mentioning that there was sooo much rain! 74mm! wow! i went to school in curepipe with 74mm of rain falling, with NO umbrella and NO shelter!
niways...i think it's unethical for uom to change the exam dates just like that... some were supposed to finish tomorrow, and surprise! mais bon, decision gouvernementale oblige...

then ...coming to the 'diri ration' , the ministers need ot fight over it because they can afford to feed their dogs with it, while some people are starving. pfff... oh well, as u said, the discussions would be definitely more productive had they discussed about importing rice from other countries...

pro-active or over-reactive...hhmmm...i'd say "over-reactive" :)))

sinon...programming paper,a s u said, was straightforward but some mistakes have been left here and there definitely...bon courage with the correction of scripts...i bet u'll have fits of laughter with my script! :P

and yeah...i nearly forgot..."tout..tout..tout..." or "The number you dialled cannot be reached at this time, please try again later" (i wished i had a voice like tht! haha) about cyber island and all the zesstassioooooon around it...pfff...

~Lady Saray~

user said...
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Anonymous said...

hmm over-reactive. pas bizin jir, pou garde l'honeur, minis ine bizin done conG dismiss pou nanyen pou nanyen :( Bus-stop @ reduit was over crowded and there was heavy traffic jam!! My friends and I managed to reach bus-stop which is vis-avis to MGI school.. lerla ine ressi rente port louis.. pa fini.. ine bien mouiller... lor la "zekler ti p kass jiffe dans leciel" ine gagne pirr.. You talking about ministers bloggin... big lol bel bel cour IC3 zot p larguer and I bet zot mem pas kone servi word pou spell checking..dans lassembler kan banla fer discour...fouff enta faute autograph, verbal, gramatical,scandal papa....

Chaya said...

Wow, such a long post!!!
Well, as concerns "du riz ration", i would like to share this with everyone, my parents are in the retail business and I happen to help them sometimes, and I would surely confirm what you said "many people do not really consume it". In fact when people would come to buy "du riz ration", they would ask " done moi 2 lbs du riz poule!" or " done moi 5 lbs du riz toutou!" Wat a shame!!! This rice is being used to feed the chickens and dogs!!! instead of we people consuming it. But I personally know some people who really consume it because they cannot afford to buy the Basmatis. Well, it's upto the government to decide well or find alternatives....
But I would say that there are some insensible people as well.
As soon as they hear that there'll be shortage of X, Y or Z product in the market, they start buying that product in great amounts to keep in stock for future use...This is wat actually happened with milk and now with rice....people are buying several "balle du riz 25kgs or 45kgs" to keep in stock and this is actually how there is shortage of the product in the market....But these people do not think I guess, these products are perishables, and till when will these be in good condition?

Torrential Rains pa kozer....
Movais grimace sa, exams were over 12.45 and I happen to reach home after 16hrs....transport problem....there was a funny thing we witnessed while waiting on the bus stop....a bus picked up people from reduit bus stop and since there was a super traffic jam, the bus remained there for more than 15 mins, and in the meantime the bus conductor was charging the bus fares or checking the bus pass and he happened to get off the bus from the back door since there was too much people in the bus for him to struggle again back to the front and he had to urge the driver to open the front door for him to enter the bus again!!

For meteo people, les previsionistes ne peuvent ke prevoir le temps!!! just like you once mentioned " previsions imprevus!" lol

I guess I know who Mr X is, and if I guessed it right, I would like to say that I told Mr X to be careful being engaging in such acts.

Hehe,that's all...
My mum happens to read your post this time and i'm sure she'll have something to comment, well maybe in the afternoon I'll post hers.



G@V!N said...

I am eagerly waiting for your mum's comment. Her wisdom would we much appreciated.

'pas bizin jir, pou garde l'honeur, minis ine bizin done conG dismiss pou nanyen pou nanyen '
You cannot keep something you never had.

Ki L'honneur zotte pou garder, dignité meme mo pas sure zotte tout ena!!!!

I am personally not targetting any category of people...I am just saying that this is not the solution to the problem as it is not addressing the issue at its roots.

Listening to the radio earlier on, I heard that they are 'Liberaliser l'importation du riz ration'...well i am sure the importers will enter an 'oligopolistic collusion' to create an artificial scarcity. This will be used as an excuse to increase the price...just wait and see...the same thing happened with cement, milk and steel/iron bars...

Chaya said...

And here comes my mum's comments though simply point wise:

--Ena raison pa guette local news, apart PM pa gagne nanien pu guetter (since u mentioned u accidentally watched the news)

--dans la campagne buku dimoune mange du riz ration parski zot fer travail dur tel ke laboureurs et kuma dir en creole mem, du riz ration ene du riz lourd,li reste lor l'estomac pli longtemps unlike the refined basmatis.

--Li chien ek poule ki pu manger si pa importe du riz ration???

--bane previsionistes zot la zis pu fer previsions,zot pa Bon Dieu...

--Last but not least, banle ministres la zis pu jazzer et manz tax...

One additional fan to your blog...
nice nice

Anonymous said...

Wow long post! Somebody around here got sudden inspiration? Was it the diri ration? :)

Anyways, those heavy rain and electric storms on Wednesday were nothing great imho. Ok, there was heavy rain, there was thunder. But hey, come'on! It's not the first time that Mauritius has seen that kind of weather! And the rain was over by 3pm.

They "released" everybody in Mauritius, students, workers and all on the streets in heavy rain. Traffic was clogged like Mauritian Internet!

And the worst? It was that folks like my friends and myself who didn't get a bus, and couldn't cram in that tiny bus stop in front of Auditorium. As always, guys had no umbrella, so we had to walk to find a bus stop towards Moka, and get drenched to the skin. Then after 15 minutes of freezing, we got a standing place in a bus.

The worst part? It was that rumor that buses would stop service at 14h30! :/

It'd have been better if everybody stayed where they were, and wait till the rain stopped. Why not? Cuz apparently Cafetaria was closed, as well as common room. Didn't check that, as I was enjoying getting drenched in the vain hope of finding a way to Port Louis.

Did anybody ever did RISK MANAGEMENT in Mauritius? Disaster recovery plans? ANYBODY?

Anyways, you said something interesting. What would you think if our honorables (ministers) posted ideas and comments on a site, and the public got to vote? A sort of referendum online? Something like a blog, where ministers can talk to the nation, and get feedbacks?

Oh well, I believe they are too intelligent to accept such a dumb idea, heh?

Drenched-and-runny-nosed Anon! :P

Anonymous said...
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Viccks said...

about du riz ration. i believe that there are people still using it.Even if someone said for toutou or poule, it still has its use.

also i think whatever is said in the assembly is available on (must check though )

well sadly in mauritius we don't get to really make fun of those ministers..

my friends and myself are considering a blog on political arena.. with caricatures, minister bloopers, and any other animations "guignols like"

we are currently looking for guys who interested in the project and i believe its gonna be fun :)

G@V!N said...

This Comment was sent on
May 16, 2008 10:09 PM by an anonymous reader., I edited to remove names, as it was potentially defamatory...Gavin

sure long post
must be the 'du riz ration' fueled by the thunderstorms...
stupid idea to release people early from work but that's the result of having stupidities ruling and who didn't even consider that it had been raining consecutively for 4-5 days the last time the catastrophe happened and this time it's only one day. why not have followed a targeted approach, releasing those who were supposedly most likely to be affected, i.e. those in the south, south west etc..?
it took me 4 hours to get back home in bbassin from the north where i work and that by car and by using all possible shortcuts once i reached plouis.. in fact they turn out to be long cuts.. didn't have all my wits around me then...imagine the cost of fuel, time lost that could have been used more efficiently...
but this tells us we are in mauritius.. heavenly island..

and where people like the
*******(Names Removed by Blog Admin*****) are building integrated disaster MIS (he knows how to do it at least, i hope)that will never be put to use since i believe we won't have the money to even build and test it... (will even the uom be able to afford it?

It had big financial probs last year isn't it? Did UoM make lots of profits from massive student recruitment???)

after all they need to feed better that the du riz ration as they are MPs..they just work so hard at trying to be des gouverneurs dignes d'une population tout aussi stupide de ramener les meme gens au pouvoir decennie apres decennie...
anyway as i said this is our small island wanting to play big
long live mauritius!

May 16, 2008 10:09 PM