Saturday, March 7, 2009

Python Rocks!!!

Hi all,
You might be aware that we are currently using Python as the programming language to teach students Programming Methodology, and its is going on very well. I am personally having fun, and i believe that i am not the only one.

I am also teaching Communication Skills this semester, and i am being given a golden opportunity listen to the students speak. Last week, I had requested them to speak about their Dreams and Aspirations, and if they had only a couple of months left what lesson would they like to pass on about their life. This was inspired from the Last Lecture from Randy Pausch Though most of them did the first part correctly, none of them has really learnt any lesson which they deemed useful mentioning. Well I have been accused too many times of being philosophical, many students dream of owning a brand new car, a big house and a 'nice hot chick', Is that all there is to life? Je crois qu'ils sont dephasés par rapport a la realité.

We tend to describe ourselves as being bilingual, but can we really speak and write French and English properly. I am very much disappointed when i hear reporters both on public and private media stations commit mistakes when they speak on air. Aren't their reports checked before they are read on air? No comments about their accents, it sounds as if they have lived in France or the US. But their grammar really sucks at times!! I was at the opening ceremony of the UniTech last Wednesday. The Director of Orange Business Services, Mr Patrice Despax outlined the motivation of his company to come to Mauritius inspite of our small population was the fact that that we are billingual and he also stressed on the face that we need too improve written French as well.

Since last week the Public Health Act came into force and it is not permissible to smoke in public place and im my opinion this Act has some loop-holes.

No person shall smoke a tobacco product while driving or travelling in a vehicle carrying passengers. What if someone parks his van next to a bus stop and has 10 persons smoking in the van. Technically the persons are not travelling, as the car is stationary. So what can be done??? Furthermore, the vehicle refers to a private location inside a public



Chaya said...

Finally Updated :D

I'm lost with Python since I am not keeping up much with it in the second semester...Anyways, if it being taught next year, I'll try my best to follow the second semester which is mostly object-oriented...

Communications Skills! Aha! The famous module ;)

" and i am being given a golden opportunity listen to the students speak." comments :P

As far as the philosophical aspects of the presentation, I did mention that to someone who told me about the presentation the day it was given. And I also advised that person to check your some of your posts when you become philosophical...

But as far as I know, there was a guy who was slightly philosophical IMHO...

For my final year project/dissertation, I will design a program that will erase football from each and every person's mind. Till, today, I have not been able to understand how can people watch more that 22 monkeys running after only one ball? It bears no sense and logic at all!! :P


I'm not bilingual...I'm multi-lingual : English, French (though my spoken french sucks AT TIMES -- I did explain you why), Creole and Hindi :P
I know a little bit of Sanskrit, but I don't speak Sanskrit at all...

ROFL at the last part (smoking while travelling or whatever)..

I sensed high sarcasm from a person who is not sarcastic at all in that :P

Keep blogging...



G@V!N said...

Hi Chaya!!!
Hope you are well,
I watched the Local news on Saturday because I wanted a comedy show, we saw our PM saying that he took the bus to school because his father taught him to be like everyone else even if he was the son of the PM, just a shame that now he seems to have forgotten the lesson. May be the PM needs to teach that lesson to some people with chronic diarrhea. The lesson would be like some people do: 'Stop the car and fertilise the sugarcane fields'

Anyways let us go to Joke number 2:
We heard one of our Ministers talk about the stimulus package (that thing wrongly copied from Obama) he said that a number of organisations had applied and that the aid was 'Signed, Seeled, agreed and Delivered' to them.

Dear Minister, i believe that it should be ' Signed, Sealed and Delivered'(which is the correct expression) after everything was agreed. Do not try to impress people with expressions which you are not sure about.

Chaya said...

"I watched the Local news on Saturday because I wanted a comedy show"

Sa kaliter desperate la ou ti eter for some comedy show?? LOL


*No offence*

"'Stop the car and fertilise the sugarcane fields'" ROFL

I remember my dad usually did that when long time back we were off for long drives to relatives living at Quatre Soeurs...but he would say to me and my bro (innocent ones after all)..."Bane zenfants mo p ale maille lievre dan caro canne la!" ROFL

And when he would be back, innocently, me and my bro would ask "B papa, ou ti dir ou ine ale maille lievre, b kot li eter?? " LOL

@ Joke Number 2: Thank God or the Devil, that I do not watch local news...Even newspapers I have stopped reading :P

By the way, should not that Minister be sued for plagiarism??? mem pa kone plagiarise selment..LOL

Anyway, il faut de tout pour faire un monde!

Till the next joke...

Have a good day and a nice time :)


G@V!N said...

Well Plagiarism.....Can you sue him even if he has wringly

He wrongly copied because the Stimulus Package from Obamme also included Salary Capping: this imposed a ceiling of $ 500 000 yearly. In other words, If you can afford to pay any employee (especially the bosses) more than $ 500 000 as yearly salary then you do not really need the package!!!

Chaya said...

How can someone wrongly COPY something? *sarcasm*

Hmm...I think in Mauritius...Income Taxes will eat part of the people's salaries here :P
People will never get to see their salary as a whole :P

Anonymous said...

About the tobacco thing, if he is not driving, then it is considered a a closed area that consists of either a roof or a 'wall'..
smoking while driving involves the smoke diffusing into the air by the wind without really affecting anyone.

Anonymous said...

At first, I found Python really boring but it seems that now I'm enjoying it. :p

@chaya---> 22 monkeys what?LOL

Chaya said...

I recently saw this as a display message on msn:

"Some CSE students cannot understand Modulo operation!!! Shame on them!!!"

Just too bad for those students if they do not understand basic concepts.

Tell those students to forget about CSE if they do not understand this ;)

Chaya said...

@ Tushal: The expression "More than 22 monkeys" refers to the football players, linesmen and whoever is found on a football playground during a match :P

Patrice said...

i find the title rather misleading.
was expecting a great article on python.