Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Irresponsible Students!

Hello you all,
Looks like the previous post got popular!

I read something today, in fact it something i heard a couple of days ago about an Afghan student got sentenced to death for having downloaded an article on the role of women in Islam and distributed the article to his teachers and friends in his University (Balkh University). A complaint was lodged against him, and he did not even have the right to a lawyer. His name is Sayed Pervez Kambaksh , and he is aged 23. Human rights group of the UN are trying to convince Mr Hamid Karzai to intervene, but it so happens that as per the Independent Newspaper of the UK, the guy who passed that sentence, Sibghatullah Mojaddedi, happens to be a key ally of Karzai. Some people are also pressuring Karzai to execute the sentence as soon as possible.

Picture of Mr Kambaksh (Source:Picture from Reuters)

Rahimullah Samander, the president of the Afghan Independent Journalists' Association, said: "This is unfair, this is illegal. He just printed a copy of something and looked at it and read it. How can we believe in this 'democracy' if we can't even read, we can't even study? We are asking Mr Karzai to quash the death sentence before it is too late." Source (Independent.co.uk)

With our Attorney General who happens to be a Human Rights thingy....doesn't Mauritius have a say in this??? For as far as I know , Mr Kambaksh is human as well.

There is a petition (which i signed earlier today)to urge the Foreign Office of the UK to do something, i think that if you believe in democrary its your responsibility to add your name to the list. What about UOM students are they to busy with elections??? They guy is a student as well!!!Par solidarité estudiantine, faites donc quelque chose!!! I even created the Support Sayed Pervez Kambaksh Group on FB

The full article is here:


Well I did a cyberlaws lecture today, and i was appalled by the lack of responsibility of some students (both guys and girls). Last week I had given them some thing to prepare on a comparison between Local Computer Related laws and the laws in the UK and most of them did not bother prepare.This is an attitude which i personally find:
1. Disrespectful
2. Disgusting
3. A true demonstration of the culture du 'ferfoutisme de certains etudiants'
4. Lack of seriousness in their studies

What they do not realise is the importance of the assignment!
Because we have to analyse whether our laws are adequate or not. But some of them do not have adequately developed brains to understand that. All i got as excuse for them not preparing was that they were not present when i gave the assignment, while others gave me stupid smiles, and still others gave me Hi-Sense gazes.

Result will definitely show, as they happen to reflect the amount of work put in, specially since its a weightage-5 module!

God Save us all!!!


Anonymous said...

they lack motivation.. maybe if it was a group assignment.. put in some oral presentation threats..

every week 1 random group makes a presentation.. and the other groups must ask question to earn points..

young people are lazy these days si pena difE embas "poum" nou pas rode travay :)

or put it out as some quiz to earn bonus marks..

I always thought that these modules were easier than those we have in CSE.. algo/PL.. system software.. anyways its not the place to discuss whats the toughest course :P

Chaya said...

@ Vicks: Not a bad idea though!

Pa koz cyberlaw, we having a tough time with Foundations To IT Law.

In fact the lecturer, set up a group email whereby all students doing this module are added to this group. Each week, he sets a topic for the next week's lecture and students (i.e. we) are supposed to prepare the topic, find information relevant to the local context and post it on that group email. Well, it's a good concept however reading 20-25 emails pertaining to one topic (per week) is quite heavy.

This group email work counts for our coursework in terms of frequency, quality and consistency of information sent.

We are most of the times asked questions about the topic before the lecturer would add missing details.

Maybe you could improve such a system and hence encourage those students to participate and prepare topics. That would be a "two-way-traffic' and not only the lecturer speaking.

P.S: I've signed the petition by the way.



Anonymous said...

Duh students! Always so lazy...

People should try to understand us though. We got assignments, gotta read slides for the next lectures, do labsheets, revise for tests, read books and whatnot. We don't have much time left for ourselves, so we kind of try to escape some of the work to do our own stuff.

But! Skipping on a 5-weight module is a definite no-no (yes-yes if you want to stay at uni one more year, perhaps you love the campus?). But anyways, sigh... I'm tired. 8h30am lectures will kill me one of these days...

About the petition. I doubt it will have any effect. 1) we are a small, insignificant dot in an ocean, without a big identity and threatening power 2) The country we are talking about is Afghanistan. They do what they want, and the world won't be able to do anything.

Hope the guy gets saved. There are tons of people getting executed in the world for the same reasons: going against autocratic governments or doing stuff that simply annoys the govt. Peace & hope to them all...

Anon :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Gav,
hi-sense look? haha
it's a pity that they don't realise it now...
Fatiguer? labsheets? revision? these are just lame excuses used by soooo many, undoubtedly intelligent yet sooo lazy, students who don't know how to make the best use of their potential...
well well...as a 10-year old genius child once said,
perfection can only be achieved in a frame of imperfection...
so if they want to get the best...better stop complaining n start working now! :p

Zaaz :-)

Yupri said...

Lets talk about democracy in afganistan ... the meaning of democracy there has always been fallacious .. The democracy is based on afghan point of view .. apres problem in such countries kot ena internal conflicts and different ideologies c que we have 2 different point of views

1- the way western look at them
2- the way afgan in afganistan live.

The issue of women has always been a conflict we all know that

+ the great un .. un tous les temps li kozer kozer kozer kozer when it concern actions ... bein li pas vraimem efficace .. in such a situation i hope human rights make a move or simple .. that guy bizin rode asile politik si possible ...

Uom students ...busy with elections .. they will be after power ,after name who will care about this poor guy .. uom students are selfish most of us...

Conernin uom students ki paresse it is a fact ... enfin ena ki travail concernin assignments
bon for me personnaly wht was disgustin is that .. tous le temp mo faire mo assignment ek mo render zour ki bisin si fallait i dont sleep.. mais selman ena lezot dimounn ti rend assignment ena fois 2-3 semaines after submission week .. with their f**** and stupid excuses .. and lecturer accept .. talkin of equity ?mais bon no comments

G@V!N said...

Tried that as well, but looks like its a problem with the attitude of the students itself.

May be the lecture notes could be in the form of a blog, a wiki, or a collaborative document like Google Docs whereby you could all post and edit a single document. Try suggesting that to your Lecturer, utilise the available technology in this Web 2.0 era! It would be so much easier for the students and the lecturer as well, it would be much more interesting, and the notes will be consistent as well. Well thank you for signing the petition.

May be they like UoM and want to stay here!! Who knows!! By the way the petition is an international one and it might be worth trying at least, Ce ne sera qu'une goutte d'eau dans l'ocean, mais l'ocean n'est fait que de gouttes similaires...

Zazu...toi sa!!! Comment va Aboo??
Well students are always good at making excuses, but then they end up in semester 2 of year 3 and realise:
CPA dans bez, aster nou mette ene serieux!
...Fatiguer? labsheets? revision?
Well they have to realise that this is part of Uni life, if they can't cope then they should ask themselves what they are here for. Some need to work harder and others really need to work.

Thanks for dropping by! About students submitting assignments on time, well, those who submit late have an issue with planning their work. Some have a pool of excuses, and they will soon realise that when they work, deliverables must be timely, irrespective if your computer crashes, your goldfish drowned or your dog has got diarrhea...

Souraksha said...

Hmmm yeah students have always been lazy :P But not realising that Cyber Law is a high weightage module is gonna be costy!!!

And using web 2.0 tools for this class would be just great but mind you it might as well make them more "careless" as youth nowadays think of the internet more as an entertainment than a tool.

Think am gonna review lecturer as choice of career :P

By the way Chaya your lecturer isn't by pure coincidence Mr Tong? ^^

Anonymous said...

I've sign the petition :)
hope for the best....

Chaya said...

@ Sou: That's him. Me Eddy Tong Sam. U know him?

@ Mr. Gavin: There are no lecture notes as such. We are to rely on our notes obtained online or shared by friends.

And in the end, we get loads of emails with loads of internet links for articles.

And we may even borror books from the library.

Using google docs isn't a bad idea but with the lecturer's concept, it might be quite tough.

We've been planning among ourselves that before starting, we could have a debate or mini presentation.


Got smth interesting to watch in TF1: Dance Floor.

Quite funny and relaxing.



G@V!N said...

@Chaya: If all of you could edit a single document, i am sure it would be much easier and the material you would have would be more consistent. However, it nicer to have inputs from all of you, and I do get his point by making all of you work, i am doing roughly the same thing as well...May be if you could suggest a wiki or a collaborative doc to him, he might be willing.

P.S BTW, Dance Floor is nice except that the only things i find annoying are:
1. The presenter always says "Que L'esprit de John Travolta soit avec vous" and 'Voter c'est votre probleme'......i really think she needs to 'rode banne lezotte dialogues'.

2. Those old persons need to be careful when they dance, they might get hurt by a slip-disc, or get a heart attack...there was one lady who just threw herself on the floor...at that point in time i was worried whether she would break her back or break the floor...

Just imagine what would happen if the dance floor broke - there would be no Dance Floor!!! lol

Chaya said...


The presenter also says this bit before voting process "Ils ont danse pour vous, et maintenant c'est a vous de voter pour eux" something like that.

Dan so sript, zot ine done li samem dialogues pu dire, li pa kpav ale against sa...hihihi :D

Forget about breaking bones while throwing themselves on the floor, mo imagine si zot continue glisser ek finalement ale tombe dan publik...sa ki pu hyper joli pu regarde!

Imagining only this bit makes me laugh!

That lady (presenter) was also the host of "Le Mur Infernal" Ever watched it?

This one as well was great to watch.

About google docs, will see with mates first and propose to the lecturer.

Thanks for the idea and advice.



Btw: what do you think about this:


Souraksha said...

@Chaya: Yes do knw him I had same class with him in yr 2. As advice I'd tell u to start to try to merge every info being sent as earlier as you can coz in the end it becomes confusing since there's no consistency as Mr Gavin says. I had found the idea gud bt still we lacked that kind of guideline that would have helped us a lot in understanding what's to be known or not cuz the cyber world AND laws is just sooo vast!

I wish Mr Gavin had taught us this module :P

Chaya said...

@ Sou: Though not the right place, how did you find Mr Tong Sam's Class?

Btw nu p rod fer outsiders dan enkor ene class Mr. Gavin, but I think we are not free :P

Thanks for the advice.



$€|v3n said...

Et zot kamarad ki ti envi fer sa module la pa gagne fer sa zis parseki cse pena sa... pfft, bunch of undeserving kids. mais bon, they still are brainless despite their advantages given... *an air of arrogance towards IS students*

Anonymous said...

well being a muslim, i find my religion simple. it's only some muslim fundamentalists going to an extent which is not acceptatble. In fact islam asks the muslims to preach the religion but the guy did it in the wrong way. Islam is not about terrorism/jihad: in fact jihad is done when muslim dont get the opportunity to adhere to islamic laws. In fact, this is done in extreme cases. well all muslims do get the opportunity to accomplish their prayers these days. well nevertherless, the guy should not be given death penalty. perhaps he lacked education and went according his own principle.. Let's come to your assignment stuff: It's really important to meet deadlines. if students don't meet deadlines, what are they gonna do in industry??well they'll be kicked out/pou gagne maltraiter of course. you reap what you sow :) dont forget to give your views regarding this comment

Avi ;) said...

Heyy guys there is this cool website www.3education.mu about lots of stuffs,inc programming...Those who are die hard of python,can learn there...and those who can help others or share their knowledge, can do so,for knowledge/education is free... :p

Chaya said...


This blog badly needs an update...




G@V!N said...

Happy Chaya!
Finally updated!!
Replying to Anyonymous's post of 19.10.2008.

I personally dnt think Jihad is an option. We have moved far from the days whereby a group of people will impose their beliefs and will go to the extent of killing for that. If that's the case someone please explain the last events in Mumbai? I do believe that terrorists are just dumb cowards.

Comments welcome!

Chaya said...

Happy :D

Maybe understanding terrorists psychology could be enlightening...

Just like in the police department, there should be some sort of criminal psychologist appointed there...