Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Mesures Reactives, et Operation Coup de poing!

Hi all,

As usual, last poll results,

we were all shocked hearing what happened to that student at Quatre-Bornes while she was taking the bus to get to her exams....but we have also witnessed the reactive measures of the local authorities, the cleared the bushy tracks leading to the Shoprite bus-stop...Apres la mort, la tisane... do they always have to wait until someone gets killed or abused?

The very day i was disgusted to hear a member of the police force describing an operation against drink-driving and the carrying of weapons in cars and .. He termed his operation as being 'proactive policing'...Cher Monsieur L'agent, si vous voulez faire du 'proactive policing' efficace, faites cela un Vendredi ou un Samedi soir... sinon shhhhhh!!!! Et faites le de sorte a ce que tous ceux interpellés recoivent le meme traitement, qu'ils soient fils de fermier ou fils de ministres or deputés. Since I am fed up hearing stories of double standards, ou la politique de deux poids, deux mesures dans notre petite ile paradisiaque!

Great are the words like Operation coup de poing....bla bla bla......If the right people were at the right places by a vast 'Operation Coup de pied' ou 'Lev Paké Aller'...may be we will live in a safer country, right now I am not sure if the Commissioner of Police is back or if we still have an Actor....sorry an Acting Commissioner of Police in his place. Well with a salary of Rs. 110 000 , he'd better be back quickly.

We hear high rank police officers or ministers talking about safety and security...but these are just words. I wonder if they would allow the wife and or daughters be outside the house on the roads after six....

The safety in Mauritius is Questionnable! With the number of thefts, murders, rapes.... Furthermore, there are several cases of murder and... which are yet to be solved...famous case are interrupted due to the accused suddenly falling ill, or lack of proof...It is just disgusting that people get away with murder simply because of their connections... Inquiries are only dropped due to lack of proof....what the hell is that....is it really lack of proof or lack of competence...

Instead of Having Dall-Puri Police Officers (Since the walk in pairs, probably fearing the wind might carry them away, as they are soo skinny) or Ace police officers (coz now the new trend is to walk in group of four...4 Aces!!), or the SMF who are mostly sleeping right now, i believe we should have night patrols...these guys are paid from each and everyone's taxes...so they better provide a service! Some are twice my size, i wonder if they can sprint for 30 metres to catch a thief.....

My regular readers, you might have read in one of my previous post that some roads in my locality have been resurfaced due to a possible visit from the PM, the later did not turn up......and as per Mr Boodhoo, it was because it was agreed by the members of the organising committees that there should be no political speeches during the visit. Interested readers can read the full articles on Le Mauricien Newspaper Website...Quelle Deception ...les politiciens sont meme prets à utiliser des lieux de prière pour des discours à connotation politiques.... How lowly!

Anyways....i was not personally thrilled to meet him...but luckily the roads got resurfaced.

Anyways, i finished correcting most of my scripts, and funnily enough some people managed to fill a queue implemented using a linked list...how inventive!,

I need to inform you of a couple of things...

The Integrity of a message DOES NOT refer to the honesty of the person who has written it.

The Refresh rate of a monitor...is NOT a special mechanism which prevents it from burning.

The Resolution in computing terms has nothing to do with Decision Making,

And When it comes to Transmission media in Networks, there is not such thing as a Wireless Cable

Its amazing what you can come across!!!!


Anonymous said...


What happened in QB? I haven't heard what happened?


Chaya said...

A moris, c tou le temps " Apres la mort, la tisane...", just like you've rightly mentioned.

Hmm i think that you are day dreaming about "Operation Coup de Pied" or "Leve Pake Aller"... as long as those people are corrupts, there'll never be such a thing as safety in mauritius.

The police officers' own safety is "Questionable", so how do you expect them to protect people in the public?? Bane policiers, zot mem kpav guet zot collegue poilicier gagne bater are bane voyou, mais zot pu ale defane zot camarade, zot peur zot si zot gagne batter!! Apres ou le banla vine protege dimoune dan publik!!! Dan reve/cauchemare si pa pu ena sa!

Mr PM in gagne peur ou dir li so bane verites akoz sa li pane vine dan bane fonctions religieux la! lol... Bizin content, atleast under the pretext that the PM will be coming, the roads got re-surfaced, maybe a next visit could lead to some better facilities in the village :P

"The Refresh rate of a monitor...is NOT a special mechanism which prevents it from burning.

The Resolution in computing terms has nothing to do with Decision Making,

And When it comes to Transmission media in Networks, there is not such thing as a Wireless Cable"

These three quoted above, par hasard, you got these as definitions/explanations in the exam scripts??

Well, i guess you were already expecting some creativity and inventions in the exam scripts, hope you enjoyed correcting them instead of having a headache :P


As the saying goes: "Il faut de tout pour faire un monde!"



Chaya said...

Btw I recommend you to read Island Crisis Blog at:

G@V!N said...

Hi Ms Chaya, i was expecting creativity, but i got an overdose!

A student was raped at QB, while going to the bus-stop. However, the Police have already arrested someone whom they suspect to be the B@$7@R0£"$%£$"*^ who committed this act! Hope he gets the punishment he deserves. And that no one dares talk about human rights coz such people are not Human, as they are devoid of any humanity!

I think the only rights they can claim are those guaranteed by the MSPCA....

Anonymous said...


I left the comment about what happened earlier in Quatre Bornes as I couldn't find reference to it on any of the online newspapers which have news on Mauritius.

That is really shocking to hear that Mauritius has changed so much that even a school girl going to her exams is not safe anymore. I really do hope that the perpretator is really the person who carried out the heinous act and it is exactly what he deserves!


Chaya said...

Moi mo dire, puiske zot ine ressi gagne le malfaiteur, aster bizin brise so l'avenir, if u see wat I mean. BRISE N GARSON SO L'AVENIR!!!! GRRR

Anonymous said...

"...les politiciens sont meme prets à utiliser des lieux de prière pour des discours à connotation politiques"

boff i blame the organisers moi..basically cot pou ena lichien pou ena zaP.. bizin ena banne indications pou dire ( no dog allowed!!) ou (no barking please)

si pas envi tend zaP ziste pena pou donne zote micro!!

apres pas comprend kifer bizin passe dibeurre ek bannes ministres ou pm ou whoever..

dan ene place la priere li pareil couma lotte dimoune li mette la ligne trankil.. pas sipoZE donne li aucun faveur.. enfin tou dimoune try their best to suck up to them..